Friday, December 25, 2009

Al Harrington Bet The Heat Money-Line, Correct?

Not going to lie, I was somewhat surprised (and always am) when I arrived downstairs Christmas morning and didn't find a lump of coal waiting for me. I figured I must have just slid by and made it onto the "nice" list in the nick of time. So after a couple hours of exchanging presents, eating breakfast with the family and setting up the house for this evening's guests, I decided it was finally time to sit back and enjoy my beloved Knicks, who were playing a nationally televised game on Christmas for the first time since 2001. That's when my coal arrived.
The Knicks, who donned forest green jerseys that resembled a cross between a leprechaun and a jack-o-lantern, shot miserably, especially from behind the arc where they were a piss poor 5 for 28. However, it was the play of Al Harrington that scrooged over my day. Within a 2 and a half minute span in the 3rd quarter, Harrington came off the bench and shot 0-5 (including 0-3 on a single possesion), had a unnecessary loose ball foul, and on one possesion passed the ball midair as the shot clock expired. Then midway through the 4th quarter he finally hits a lay up to cut the game to 7 (with a little contact), falls to the floor, doesn't get the and one call so he curses to the ref and gets T'd up. Doing everything in his power to stop the Knicks comeback. He finished the day 5 of 20 from the field and an embarrassing 0 for 7 from long range, however his never ending sense of entitlement kept him chucking away, long after it was apparent that today just wasn't his day. Sure if your Kobe or Carmelo and your shots aren't dropping at first you got to keep on trying, but for the mediocre chuckers out there like Harrington sometimes you need to know when enough is enough.

Anyway there isn't a negative thing I can write about the way Dwayne Wade played today. The guy straight up brought the fire and closed out the game in the 4th quarter the way the big timers are suppoused to do it. His 30 points, 9 rebounds and 5 assists were more then enough to lead the Heat to a 93-87 victory. Michael Beasley beasted as well, scoring 13 of his 19 in the second half, including a stretch late in the third where he appeared unguardable.

The Knicks should be fine though as they continue their push for their first post-season birth in 9 seasons. They just need to be more consistent with their shooting, well yea that and hope Al Harrington doesn't bet against them.

-Fresh (@danye33)

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