Saturday, December 26, 2009

Toss Up! Hotter 90's babe, Jennifer Love Hewitt or Sarah Michelle Gellar?

Ah the age old question, one that goes back over 10 years in the making. Who was the hotter 90’s babe; Jennifer Love Hewitt or Sarah Michelle Gellar? For years, just like Magic vs. Bird, Science vs. Religion, and Cheetos Crunchy vs. Cheetos Puff, people have argued as to which heartthrob truly deserves the title of top barely legal beauty from the late 90’s, and I’m here to put that debate to rest. I will deliver a detailed background on both girls before ultimately deciding on a winner. Enjoy!

In the blue corner we have Jennifer Love Hewitt (also known as Jennifer Love Huge-Tits), a beautiful Texan girl with a stunning physique and "assets" that resemble speed-bags at the gym. J Love Hew was a child actress, appearing on various Disney shows and starring in countless commercials, but it wasn't until landing the role of Sarah on "Party of Five" that we as a nation truly started to appreciate the beauty that lay before us. Hewitt starred in her first feature film in 1997's (along-side a star studded cast of young talent in Gellar, Ryan Phillipe and Freddie Prinze Jr.) slasher-flick "I Know What You Did Last Summer". The film grossed over 125 million dollars world-wide, and if Jennifer Love Hewett had not captured your attention yet, after this movie she certinally did. The movie did so well that she starred in the sequel just one year later.

The ultimate role that proclaimed her hotness was 1998's romantic teen comedy "Can't Hardly Wait". Hewitt played Amanda Beckett, a high school senior who gets dumped by her long time boyfriend on the day of their graduation. Amanda gets hit on constantly at the big grad party (and rightfully so) before finally receiving a letter from Preston Myers (a boy who has lionized her for years, but has never actually spoken to her) and realizes that not all guys are assholes. She falls for Preston and everyone gets the happy ending that they had been waiting for. But enough about the shitty story line, and more on her drop dead looks throughout the film. Granted you have to take everything with a grain of salt in movies but still she was hands down 10x hotter than any other girl in that movie (which included a trashy, albeit sexy, Jamie Presley).

But as the 90's faded away, so did her movie career. Love starred in the Aubrey Hepburn Story, and since 2005 has sarred in the television series "Ghost Whisperer". Her reign at the top, although somewhat short, was ever lasting in my mind, and those who were lucky enough to watch her still remember J Love for the smokeshow that she was.

Side note, she also starred in "House Arrest" and in Enrique Iglesias's '01 hit video "Hero"

And in the red corner, from New York, New York, the lovely Sarah Michelle Geller. I still think there is a picture of her next to "wet dream" in the dictionary but I could be mistaken. This blond bombshell was the Brittney before Brittney. In 1995, after leaving "All My Children" she became an icon, acting as the lead on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (for those of you under 15 reading this, think "Twilight" but without the Jacob-Edward b.s. and with a lead that's actually hot) for 144 episodes. She became a household name, and a fan favorite for Maxim/Stuff readers around the globe. In '97 Gellar starred alongside J Love in "I Know What You Did Last Summer", and completely stole the movie (with her looks) from Hewitt. Think Eminem murdering Jay-Z on "Renagades" and that's about 1/2 as bad as Gellar made Love look in that movie. Her beauty queen pagent looks, mixed with the spunk of being "the dumb cheerleader" made her irresistible.

She would go to have a role in "Scream 2", "Simply Irresistable", and "Cruel Intentions" to finish out the 90's, bringing her "A" game and "C" cups each time. Her full-on liplock with co-star Selma Blaire in the aforementioned "Cruel Intentions", earned her "Best Kiss" at the 2000 MTV Movie Awards. Ironically enough, that's probably the only acting award Gellar has ever won, but it was still a huge moment in lesbian hookup movie history. As a 12 year old at the time, I remember being both utterly confused and greatly turned on simultaneously.

The 2000's brought Gellar great sucess. She starred in "Angel" (a spin-off of Buffy), "The Grudge" (her most sucsessful lead role) and the "Scooby Doo" movies, where she would end up falling for her future husband, co-star Freddie Prinze Jr. I find this turn of events to be both bizarre and symbolic at the same time. In I Know What You Did Last Summer, Prinze was the love intrest of Hewitt. Yet in real life, Prinze chooses Gellar to be his wife? I think that speaks dividends as to who truly deserves the title of ultimite 90's hottie. Not that Freddie Prinze Jr.'s taste in women reflect mine or the population in general, but in this case I feel he made the right choice. And even without that, Geller is a clear-cut winner just from the pic below.

So there you have it, Sarah Michelle Gellar; The Ultimate 90's Babe.

-fresh (@danye33)


  1. Dan, I'd have to completely agree with you on Sarah Michelle Gellar. Something I'd like to point out to emphasize your point a bit further and something that I feel contributed to my spank bank as an adolescent male: Gellar was a part of Maxim's Hot 100 list in 2002, 2003, 2005, and 2008. In 2008 she got in the top 5 (Hewitt's best hottie performance was #7 in FHM). Now, granted there were many other chicks that contributed to my semi-sporting during that time, the top 5 girls definitly had the stickiest pages. Enough said.

    On a side note, Jennifer Love Hewitt's music career should be taken into consideration. As deep as her lyrics are in her hit single "Barenaked" (intense sarcasm), the thought of her being barenaked is something I often ponder.

  2. whats funny is that i was 10-12 during these two girl's peak years, 97 98 99. I was absolutly obsessed with jennifer love hewitt, so much so that i dated a girl all through high school that was almost an exact replica of jennifer love hewitt... yeah lucky me but now that i look back on it sarah michelle gellar was so hot as well,i just don't think you can make a choice it just depends if you like blondes or brunette's