Monday, January 11, 2010

Lost On Revis Island

Alright well normally I wouldn't succumb to article requests by readers about players and teams that I don't necessarily like, but the more I thought about it (and studied Derrelle Revis's impeccable resume for the 2009 season), the more I figured this was long overdue. Derrelle Revis just finished up a regular season that rivals the best of any defensive player of all time. In 16 regular season games he had 49 solo tackles, 7 picks, a touchdown and 39 pass deflections. Now I know what your thinking; plenty of other DB's have put up comparable numbers to his, and granted that may be somewhat true. However I invite you to take a deeper look at what he has accomplished. This year, on 9 different occasions, former Pro-Bowlers matched up one-on-one on Revis Island. And only once (Randy, week 11) did they score, and the most yards allowed was 33 to Reggie Wayne in a Week 16 victory. That's not to say that he slacked versus his other opponents either; shutting out Ted Ginn and Mike Sims-Walker in consecutive games mid-season, shutting out high octane Saints wide out Marques Colston, and having more interceptions then passes allowed to Panthers WR Steve Smith. But enough about his regular season accomplishments. We all know he is great, and he has been recognized for his achievements. But now its time to talk about what really matters.... THE PLAYOFFS!

Revis brought the fire in the Wild-Card round, and despite two questionable defensive holding calls, still managed get a pick and hold OhnoCatcho to two meaningless catches, all the while completely neutralizing him from the equation. Granted nowadays its apparent that Ohno would much rather tweet, then aggressively go after a catch, but still he was pretty much useless, and obviously intimidated by his "bruh" (Ohno's go-to term to refer to other athlete's on Twitter) Derrelle Revis.
All I can say is next week could be a different story. Vincent Jackson doesn't shy away from contact the way Ohno does, and Phillip Rivers is playing at an '05 Carlson Palmer level (not the debacle of what Palmer has become). We all know the Chargers are hot (11 game win streak), but if the Chargers are Summer Roberts (from The O.C.) then the Jets are Taylor Townsend (the hot-loner class president, who gets an increased role in the forgettable season 4 and has a brief love affair with Ryan). In case that reference flew over your head, the point I'm trying to make is the Jets are just slighty less hot, thus I wouldn't say a victory this weekend is completely unfathomable. In fact, I'll go as far as to say it's going to be a great game. The Jets rushing attack, led by he-who-must-not-be-named (Ed. note- after drafting #20 on the Jets in my 2007 fantasy league, and starting him EVERY WEEK in a season in which he scored only ONE touchdown, I hereby vow to never write his name in a column) and Shonn Green has proven to be nearly unstoppable, and with the Chargers shaky run defense (118 ypg) they could have a field day at Qualcomm. Obviously the key to the game comes down to whether or not rookie quarterback Mark "Dirty" Sanchez can manage the game and limit turnovers. If he plays like he did last week, and if Dustin Keller can lower his 40 time to sub 5.0 the Jets should be good. Old Man Time Tomlinson has seen his better days, and despite a resurgence in the second half of the season, I still don't see him changing this game the way he would have in the past. Jets fans should feel confident and be grateful that their team isn't playing with the energy level of a dead "Law and Order" extra (cough cough New York Giants), and has been going out there every game with something to prove. I love the fact that Rex Ryan said they should be favored every game up until the Superbowl, and maybe he has a point. He's one for one so far, so until he looses I can't knock him. After all, this team is from the concrete jungles, where dreams are made of...
(Okay, so what if they play in Jersey? It's what's on the helmet that counts!)

Also, don't think you Jets fans are getting off that easy. Here's a quick little reminder that Derrelle Revis is still human


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