Monday, January 25, 2010

"Whatcha Say" This Sounds A Little Familiar?

First off, a little apology for slacking with my writing of late. I'm going to go ahead and blame it on my return to college, and the 48 hour binge drinking session that came along with it. However, with classes starting up today (for most people, no Mon-Fri's for me), I figured now would be a good time to get back to business. One of the many thoughts that I pondered today, while laying in bed til mid-afternoon, was how I could become famous, therefore allowing me to sleep this late all the time and never have to pull the 9-5 hustle. Sure lots of ideas came to mind, i.e creating something of importance, writing a novel, discovering superhuman powers that I don't yet know that I posses, you know, all the usual ideas. I mean people become famous everyday for various reasons, maybe one day it could be me?
But it wasn't until the drive to get lunch when a certain song came on the radio, that I was reminded just how easy it can be to get famous. As long as you steal from the right people.
The song that I'm referring to is called "Whatcha Say" by Haitian singer Jason Derulo. Now if your not like me, and don't immediately change the station whenever you hear this awful song, then your probably familiar with it. It reached the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 this November, and has been giving me headaches since early fall. I guess the song could be considered "catchy", but the only part of the song that anyone ever sings along to or actually likes about it is the chorus. That's where it gets interesting...

The video above is a song called "Hide and Seek" by Imogen Heap. The first few times I heard this song came during a couple crucial moments from "The O.C." season 2. The first time was at Caleb's funeraland the next time was when Marissa shoots Trey (at the 2:49 mark), during a heated fight with Ryan in the seasons final scene.
The fact of the matter is that an artist (Derulo) is gaining fame, notoriety, and money from a song that he sampled from another singer, all the while the girl who created the song originally still hasn't achieved the level of popularity that the person who used their work to make a name for himself has. Now I know that's part of the "business" and we live in a "finders keepers" type of world, but still I don't think a little shine for Imogen Heap is that out of the question here? Bottom line is that without the sample from "Hide and Seek", "Whatcha Say" would not exist and the world would not have to be subjected to Derulo's whiny voice.
I think my core reason for not liking "Whatcha Say" is because, for me personally, it takes away so much from the original. It used to be that hearing that "ohhh whatcha sayyy" from the song would remind me of either "The O.C.", high school in general, or listening to J.P.'s ipod during stat class, and now it just reminds me of shitty pop music. I guess that is what hurts the most for me. A relatively unknown song, that I used to be able to connect and relate to, has now been transformed into a "pop hit" that means absolutely nothing to me.

The transgression between the "whatcha sayyy" from its part in "Hide and Seek" to Derulo's chorus reminds me a lot of Micha Barton's life path. Started out beautiful, ended up a train wreck.

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