Saturday, February 27, 2010

"I got a thing for Milano, Biscotti Italiano's and I never turn down some Oreo's if you got them"

Just like Nick Ross, I'm going to keep this post short and sweet (pause). The weekend is once again upon us, and it is my civil duty to drop some tunes for you to help make your weekend pop-off. The above song is called "Cookie Jar" by The Gym Class Heroes, and although the song is a couple of years old it still makes the ladies go crazy. This song really reminds me of a trip that my friend Ryan and I took to Oneonta during the fall of 2008. We were visiting some friends, and that night they had a party at their apartment, the AEPi house. Everything started out normal, sorority girls running around, some pulsating flashing lights, cheap keg beer and jungle juice. Standard college party. That is, until "Cookie Jar" started bumping out from the speakers. The second that "I like girls, they like me" started playing it was like an audio social lubricant. Girls bending over and dropping it like it's hot, all the while full on grabbing dudes "junk" like they were digging for gold. My dude Travolta (pictured to the right) immediately started going in like a Drake and Lil Wayne song, it was something straight out of a movie. Ryan and I just stood there in awe of what was going on around us, and after 3 and a half minutes we were changed men. I've still never witnessed anything like that in my life, and anytime I hear this song I'm immediately brought back to that night in Oneonta when all those girls threw their inhibitions to the wind, and grabbed for that cookie jar on the dance floor...


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