Thursday, February 18, 2010

What Really Happened To Uncle Jesse In High School?

So yesterday afternoon, while doing what most college students my age do (eat taco bell and watch "Full House" with my roommates), I couldn't help but notice a crucial flaw in the story line that was unfolding right before my eyes. In the episode "One Last Kiss" (season 4, episode 9) Uncle Jesse attends his 10 year high school reunion. During this episode he is reunited with his old girlfriend Carrie, and sparks immediately fly. They even show a flashback to the day before graduation of Jesse riding his motorcycle into the gymnasium to meet Carrie. She is shocked that he would just ride his bike into the school like that and tells him so, to which Jesse responds "I'm graduating tomorrow, what can they do, expel me?" After some more small talk, she eventually drops the bomb on him that she will be leaving for Europe to pursue a modeling career, thus ending their relationship.

Fast forward to later on in the episode when they slow dance to "their song" at the reunion, followed by Jesse running out on her because he is already engaged to Becky and feels bad. Carrie ends up knocking on his door later on (God only knows how she found out where he lives, considering it is the Tanner household), and before she leaves, they kiss. This just goes to further make Jesse realize his love for Becky, blah blah blah and everything ends up happily ever after.

Or did it? After viewing that episode, I was reminded of another Full House episode where things went a little differently...

In the episode "Educating Jesse" (season 5) DJ and Kimmy set off to work on a "Stay In School" campaign, with the help and support of everyone in the house. Everyone except Uncle Jesse, that is. We later find out that Uncle Jesse was a high school dropout, thus making him feel like a fraud for supporting a stay in school project. He finally gets the courage to go back and finish up high school, but the English teacher that embarrassed him in the first place by making him recite Walt Whitman's "O Captain, my Captain", is still there, and Jesse drops out again. However, after helping Michelle learn to tie her shoe, Jesse has an epiphany and decides to give high school one last chance.

By the end of the episode Jesse has overcome his fear of "O Captain", and somehow in a mere 22 minute show, is granted Valedictorian of the graduating class. However, on the way to graduation the train they're on breaks down and he misses the ceremony. A mock-graduation is held on the subway, and once again there is a happy ending.

What I would really like to know is how is it acceptable for a popular television show to contradict itself so blatantly from one season to the next? Sure there are bigger problems in the world; war, recession, poverty, swine flu, trying to figure out LOST etc. but still this seems ludicrous to me.

There really isn't much more to say about this matter, so I'll leave you with this clip of Uncle Jesse finding out he's having a baby!

and this Levi's "O Pioneer" commercial (words by Walt Whitman), which was my favorite commercial of 2009. Granted it had absolutely nothing to do with jeans whatsoever but the words from it make me proud to be an American

"Have mercy"- Uncle Jesse



  1. Great article! I grew up with Full House but I didn't realize we've been punked! Thanks for keeping it real or should I say 'reel'! Keep up the good work.
    A fan!

    PS Can you discuss this topic on your radio show? Maybe I'll call in.

  2. helll yea brenanaz, mondays 6-8 stream it live at

  3. I luv full house and im 11