Monday, February 8, 2010

Without Further Ado... "The 3 Man Weave" Radio Show today LIVE from 6-8pm

After much anticipation I'm finally taking The 2 Man Weave to the air-waves. Well, the idea that is. Listen up today from 6-8pm on 90.5fm "The Dragon", or if your not in a ten mile radius of Cortland, NY you can stream it live at Very easy, just click "Listen Live" and you'll be going in like a Tiger Woods putt. I'll be joined by John Fontaneli and Pat Montgomery. Text, call, or comment (at the bottom of this post) any song requests you want played, or shout outs to whomever. A.K.A. if your trying to impress a chick, hit me up with a message or what not, let the show play, and watch said girl get wet when she hears your name on the radio. Easy as pie. Which btw, what does that even mean? Is pie an easy food to make? Or are they talking about that 3.14 bullshit? It can't be easier to make then grilled cheese or a peanut butter sandwich right? Anyways for more rants like these, tune in!


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