Thursday, March 31, 2011

Was The "Kicked In The Nuts Guy" The First Comedic Internet Star?

So I just finished watching the "Family Guy" episode where Quagmire bangs Cleveland's wife Loretta, and at the end of the show Peter gets kicked in the nuts very abruptly. Appropriately, the kick comes from the Clay Tiffany lookalike, the "Kicked in the Nuts" guy. After seeing that happen in the episode, I immediately began looking up old clips on YouTube of the famous, and quick footed, afro-ginger and was pleasantly surprised to see how well these videos held up over time. Not surprising considering anytime a male encounters a blow to the balls it always makes for good comedy. But I was more surprised with myself for not remembering that this whole series of videos even existed. I feel like I've been slacking on you guys for not posting this gold earlier. I remember watching these videos on ebaumsworld as a kid and A) dying of laughter and B) being incredibly jealous that I hadn't had the balls to come up with this idea myself (No pun intended. Ok, definitely pun intended).

Aside from "the Aicha" kid, I would have to say that the" "Kicked in the Nuts" guy was the first comedic viral video that I found myself constantly gravitating back to in the pre-YouTube stone age days of being "online". Back when you used to literally have to dial up a phone line to connect to the internet. I would pull up these videos on AOL 6.0 (Yes, I know- baller), eat dinner, then hope that it was done buffering just so I could enjoy the timeless art of unexpected kicks to the genitalia.

Mike Henry, you were a true pioneer. And possibly(?) the first comedic internet star.



  1. "Appropriately, the kick comes from the Clay Tiffany lookalike, the "Kicked in the Nuts" guy."

    How funny! Only problem is that it's Clay Tiffany who claims he's the one who has been beaten up. By the cops, of course. Sad part IMO is they never finished him off. Tiffany is a psycho-genius.

  2. Haha yes! Whoever wrote this post, please write anything and everything you know about Tiffany. The guy is such a polarizing figure.

  3. Glad I saved link so I could come back. Could write a book on Tiffany. Be specific what info you want. Family members? That his mother didn't talk to him? That he talks about his sister's sexual preference? Police reports? Where he gets his hair done? How he's the most hated person in area? How many years he spent in college? Jobs he was fired from? How he abused the elderly woman he mooched off? His current address? Whatcha want?

  4. All of the above and more. I've been fascinated in him for years and have had several awkward/interesting/bizarre conversations with him at the gym, but would love to unearth more. Is there a funnier site in life then watching his public access show where he holds up pictures of his beat up face? Also, get a huge kick out of the way he pronounces "Tar-tag-li-ano".

    Please e-mail me at, or feel free to spill the beans on this comment thread. It would be much appreciated.

  5. In the one in a million chance that you read this please e-mail ALL Tiffany stories to