Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Peyton Hillis Wins The Madden Vote!

Sucks for the Bronco's huh? A team notorious for putting anyone in their backfield and having them go off for 1,000 yard seasons traded away a future Madden cover boy AND draft picks for their eventual third string QB Brady Quinn last year. I've got to give kudos to America with this one though. First ever year that the fans had the say in who gets on the cover. 32 player tournament. Live revealing of the winner on Sportsnation. Just everything brewing for a perfect storm of upset. Hillis vs. Vick: good vs. evil, Mike Alstott 2.0 vs. Cruella Deville, and the #10 seed walked away with the cover! Somebody cue up the Eminem music-

Can't wait until Hillis's contract runs out next season and he inevitably decides to take his talents to South Beach. If that happens I think the city of Cleveland will turn into that town in the movie "The Happening". Just people pencil diving off of buildings like it ain't no thing.


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