Monday, June 13, 2011

The Good Guys Won

Dirk "Das Booting" an 80k bottle of victory champagne

The Dallas Maverick's won their first N.B.A. Championship Sunday night, when they beat the Heat 105-95, putting the final exclamation point on one of the most exciting series of all time. The star of the finals (and playoffs) was MVP Dirk Nowitzki, who cemented his legacy as a top 20 player, overcame the flu and left thousands of people asking the question "Hey Lebron! How's my Dirk Taste?"

Dallas played fundamental, never-say-die basketball, proving that it takes a team effort to win the title, not just a hodgepodge of prima donna superstars. For guys like Dirk, Jason Terry, Jason Kidd and Shawn Marion, this title forever changes how they will be remembered. Bumping each one of them up a level from before (Ex. Kidd now enters the top 3 point guards of all time discussion, passing Isiah in my book).

J.E.T. (Terry's nickname/initials) became the fan favorite of the Finals by repeatedly backing up his trash talk, and roasting Miami for a game high 27 in the clincher. Prior to his Game 6 takeover, Simmons referred to his game 5 dagger three in LeBron's face to ice it as the "biggest irrational confidence shot of all time". He became one of those guys who makes it easy for us to root for them. Something that can't be said about that Miami team.
From the Wade/LeBron's cough-gate, to their premature celebrations and subsequent disappearing acts when times got tough, the Heat really did fit the "Bad guys" typecast quite nicely. Their loss in this series put an abrupt halt to their season, a season that had been followed intensly under a microscope like few before. They may not have come through (yet) with their promises of championship after championship (8 to be exact), but they did provide us with non-stop entertainment, fodder for discussion and an Arabian sized stash of fuel for the media fire.

With the first year of the MoHeato project official in the books, I'd like to enter these next two YouTube videos into the "2 Man Weave" Hall of Fame. The first- Dan Lebatard's orgasmic rant from last summer after LeBron signed with Miami. The second- The "Miami Heat Welcome Party". Both have now made the step into internet Gold for all of eternity. Riley may have got them all, but the good guys got the ring. 

-fresh (@danye33)

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