Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Opposite Ends Of The Drug Spectrum

The above video is one of my favorite T.V. scenes of all time. It's from an episode of "7th Heaven" and centers around a family meeting at the Camden house over who was responsible for the joint that had been found. Needless to say, hilarity ensues. Mary and Lucy accuse the mom of being a stoner because they found the joint in her dresser, while looking for socks. However, Father Camden quickly puts an end to that thought when he explains that he was the one who found the joint by the door, then placing it securely in the moms dresser. This prompts young Simon to then ask "Well then, whose joint is it?", putting all eyes on the eldest child (man) Matt, who then confesses and has this exchange with Simon:

Simon- "You've got to be kidding"

Matt- "Look...Simon-"

Simon- "Man, I can't believe you" (then storms out of the room)

At this point the Reverend instructs everyone to go to their rooms, leaving just Matt, the mom and himself in the living room. The conversation (rant) that ensues is probably the greatest example of over-the-top television parenting of all time; featuring such gems as "Is this why...(while holding up the joint) you've never held down a job?" and "Hey, well here's something that doesn't take a whole lot of skill. Just a lighter and a complete lack of self respect."

Finally, Matt decides he can't deal with this nonsense anymore (rightfully so), and leaves to go hang out with his friends, ending in dramatic fashion while his dad screams with agony and bangs his fist against the oak wood door.

This whole scene is pretty amazing, and a good blueprint for how parents SHOULD NOT act when trying to get a point across/teach a life lesson. Now on the other side of the drug spectrum we have this below video from "The Sopranos", where Christopher gets high on heroin and falls asleep on Adrianna's dog, crushing/suffocating it to death. I remember being traumatized watching this as child, and thinking how could anyone want to do that stuff? Whereas after watching Father Camden's freak out as a kid, I found myself sympathizing for Matt, completely justifying his cannabis use.

-fresh (@danye33)

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