Friday, July 15, 2011

ESPN Drops The Ball

(NESN) reported Thursday that ESPN The Magazine senior writer Bruce Feldman has been suspended indefinitely by ESPN and is not allowed to write on any ESPN platform or his Twitter account. The punishment comes after Feldman helped former Texas Tech football coach Mike Leach write his book -- something for which Feldman reportedly received approval years ago.

ESPN, the self proclaimed World Wide Leader in Sports, has really dropped the ball this time around. Yesterday the network (empire) banned long time staffer, and highly respected journalist, Bruce Feldman, from writing for any ESPN entity and appearing on any ESPN platform for helping out with the new Mike Leach bio "Swing Your Sword". The irony in all this- Bruce got approval to work on this story two years ago. Now he made find himself out of a job.

The controversy stems from an alleged incident in December of 2009 where Leach (then football coach at Texas Tech) was said to have placed an injured player in a dark electrical closet for two hours for refusing to practice. This story eventually led to his dismissal from the university, however varying accounts of what really took place are still discussed today (Leach says he specifically told the player NOT to go into the closet).

The kicker? The alleged closeted player was Adam James, son of ESPN analyst Craig James. Now Leach and ESPN had beef before this incident, due largely impart to his larger than life persona and quick tongue. The fact that the player involved had blood ties to someone high up at ESPN intensified the situation tenfold.

Feldman did abide by company rules by not helping to promote this book in anyway, yet he still ended up getting the short end of the stick. If he has any sense of self respect it would take a Godfather offer from ESPN for him to even consider rejoining the evil emperor. Especially with his credentials and the media backlash ESPN is now facing. Unaware of the prowess of social media, Bruce Feldman began trending on Twitter last night, with other journalists from various rival sports media outlets supporting him with "Free Bruce" hashtags.

This really makes ESPN look bad, and if they don't rectify this situation soon it could lead to a backlash from some of the most promising sportswriters in the business.

In the meantime Bruce, just know that the 2 Man Weave would welcome you with open arms.


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