Monday, July 11, 2011

Today Is Free Slurpie Day at 7-11!

(NBC DFW) It's that time of the year again -- free Slurpee day returns once again to cool off folks sitting in triple-digit temperatures. As every year, free Slurpee day falls on July 11(7/11, in numbers). A press release from 7-Eleven organizers was happy to announce that this 7/11 is extra special because 7-Eleven stores will be celebrating their "only 7/11/11 birthday this century."

You gotta love free Slurpie day. The one day a year when people lose their shit and go out of their way to take advantage of this sugary, slushy promotion.

But seriously, the 64 oz mega super sized cups cost like $1.39 and the free ones they give away are only 7.11 ounces. Now I'm no Rain Man, but if that's the value scale I'm basing my data off of that means you're getting roughly 20 cents worth of Slurpie for free. It's the convenient store equivalent of playing "just the tip".

Now don't get me wrong, once I get off the train tonight I'll be hauling ass to pick up my free sippy cup of Pina Colada just like the next guy. It just sucks going into it knowing that I'll be left with blue drink (beverage version of blue balls). I may have to pull a Peter Griffin and show up with a fake mustache and eye glasses to try and pull one over on the man.

On second thought I think I'll just buy one.


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