Thursday, July 28, 2011

"Rivals" Update- The Jungle Is Heating Up

C.T. has proved from day 1 on Rivals that he is the alpha male of the house

If you haven't been watching this season of MTV's The Challenge "Rivals" then you've been missing out on the perfect remedy for all your summer lockout blues. This year they ran with an idea that had been widely discussed on the web for some time now, pairing players up with their archenemies from prior challenges. Rivals, or frenemies if you will, from the get-go has provided immediate additional drama to a show that already oozes with dysfunction, betrayal and chaos.

The biggest teamcest (incest, but with teammates) blowup occurred last night in episode 6 between veterans Evan and Nehemiah. Evan threw the "Catch & Release" challenge by purposely not swimming to the finish line, securing the worst time, thus automatically sending himself and teammate Nehemiah to the "Jungle" for a chance to send C.T. home. This was a calculated move on Evan's part, one that him and his pose (Johnny Bananas, Kenny, Wes) had colluded to pulling off earlier in the show. Despite Nehemiah agreeing to a similar move a few challenges prior, Evans tanking blindsided him and left him feeling used and heated. When they got to land Nehemiah threw his life jacket in Evan's face and called him a bitch no fewer than three times. The duo almost came to fisticuffs, before Wes intervened and separated the two hot heads.

Evan enjoys his last boat ride in Costa Rica

Evan & co. got their wish by facing off against C.T. and Adam in the Jungle, where they were quickly and embarrassingly sent home. The elimination challenge required players to hang from a pipe 25 feet above the ground, where they would have to slide their pipe together from one side of an obstacle course to the other. Evan, notably fatter in this season than in years prior, looked like and was even referred to as a "beached whale" hanging up on that pole. Unable to propel himself forward and stagnating any chance of victory. Meanwhile, C.T. and Adam continued to put their differences behind them and communicate well, cruising to an easy victory and breaking up the aforementioned alliance in the house. With just a couple more episodes remaining before the Final Challenge (300k at stake), I've decided to break down each remaining teams odds to win it all.

  • C.T. and Adam- +135. These guys have never won a Challenge before, but have managed to dominate this season with the bullseye on their backs since day 1. I don't see that changing anytime soon.

  • Kenny and Wes- +150. Their experience, athleticism and ability to overcome their one time hated for each other has transformed this duo into a force to be reckoned with.

  • Evelyn and Paula- +175. After eliminating Aneesa and Robin in the Jungle in week 1, these two chicks have coasted through unscathed, winning multiple challenges along the way.

  • Tyler and Johnny- +220. The loss of Evan puts a damper on this teams chances of going all the way, but with just one more male elimination left, they should be able to advance to the Finals (barring a DQ).

  • Cara Marie and Laurel- +260. Cara Marie and Laura are my dark horses to win it this year. Just a perfect blend of confidence, skill and under-the-radarness.

  • LeRoy and Mike- +300. LeRoy, as predicted, has fared very well thus far in his Challenge debut. He's steered clear of politics and focused solely on the end goal. However, when push comes to shove I can't see Mikey being physical enough to win a grueling

  • Jasmine and Jonna- +400. These two girls have provided the urban, female, in-yo-face flare that the show had been lacking ever since the Ruthie days. Like LeRoy, these rookies have stepped up to plate and refuse to be intimidated by anyone. Unfortunately their inexperience will undoubtedly be their Achilles heel if they make it to the Finals.

  • Jenn and Mandi- +1,000. Hottest duo on the show, but there's not a chance in hell that these two leave Costa Rica with the cash. An STD, well that's another story...

-fresh (@danye33)

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