Saturday, July 9, 2011

This Jose Canseco Twitter Meltdown is AWESOME

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As some of you may already know, this weekend has been a complete wash for me. Last night I worked the midnight-9 am shift, so in laments terms, no beer/fun/sleep for this guy. However, the lone saving grace that single handedly made my weekend happened last night at about 2 am when I finally took a break from the nonstop work I was dealing with to check Twitter. I had about four hours worth of tweets to scroll through on my timeline, and when I came
across these Canseco gems I immediately spit out my non-existent coffee.

Apparently the tweets are about Jose's now ex-girlfriend Leila Shennib. It's still unclear what sparked the former bash brother-turned-snitch's tirade (roid rage anyone?) but apparently Leila said something over the phone that didn't sit well with the has been slugger.

My favorite moments from this twitter rant would have to be his "Oh bye the way" (complete and utter disregard for the English language) and the fact that in another tweet he gave out her real phone number AND insinuated that pot is her favorite drug*. Talk about maximizing your 140 characters to the fullest.

Luckily (for us) Canseco has showed no quit and is still ranting about his ex-beau today. Although the below tweets aren't as degrading/offensive as the ones he posted last night (which have since been removed, thank God for the print screen button) his new words of wisdom still make me laugh. Let's all keep our fingers crossed that he keeps his fingers typing tonight!


*pot is not a drug

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