Wednesday, August 17, 2011

11 Year Old Boy Buys Wine In Detroit

(WJBK) Owners of a Detroit grocery store are apologizing after the parents of an underage boy say a clerk sold their son alcohol. FOX 2's Simon Shaykhet reports that 11-year-old John Echols, Jr. walked into the Metro Food Center at Warren and Livernois last Thursday and purchased a bottle of J. Roget sparkling wine. His mother Tracy noticed her son and friends opening the booze in the family garage. John insisted that he didn't know the beverage contained alcohol. Store owners say the clerk, a single mother of two, thought John was with an adult at the time at the time of the purchase.

This little kid is such a boss I can't stand it. Just walking up to the counter with a bottle of white, fully knowing the contents of what's in his hands and he didn't even break a sweat. Hell, even J-Kwon was still using fake ID's as recently as 2004 and this little guy is passing for an adult before he hits his teenage years. Talk about a legend, dude just shot up to #1 on the "spin the bottle" power rankings in his town overnight.

Rookie move though opening in the bottle in the family garage with his buddies while his mom was still awake. Everyone knows that when you buy booze in your early teenage years you do an immediate bee-line to woods, or at the very least wait until the parents go to sleep. Regardless though you can't knock the hustle. Just stole the name "SWAG" from right under Diddy's feet.

I remember when I got my first fake ID. I was 15 years old down on Bleecker St. and had gotten a black eye the night before from drunkenly face planting off the monkey bars. Looked like an absolute mess in the picture. It said my name was Daniel Scalfoni and that I was from Michigan. I maybe used it five times total before college because I was too afraid of getting caught and here this kid is walking up to the register raw and walking away with the bubbly. Like Bob Dylan said, the times they are a-changin'.


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