Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hey Bachmann- Nice Face!

So Michelle Bachmann appeared on the cover of Newsweek today looking like the love child of what would happen if the "Have you seen my baseball?" kid from Something About Mary fucked the Steve Carrol poster shot from 40 Year Old Virgin. Now if you don't know who Michelle Bachmann is, she is a Republican congresswomen from Minnesota, and long shot "hopeful" to be the Republican candidate for the Presidency in 2012.

I'd be lying if I tried to act like I knew the first thing about politics. I stay informed and try not to dig too deep but I can't help but despise everything that Michelle and her still-closeted husband say and stand for. Just your typical run-of-the mill right wing, uber conservative nut jobs. According to her wiki page she "was called by God to run for the seat, and that she and her husband fasted for three days to make sure." This is the same husband who refers to gays as "barbaric" and even hosts his own clinic to "Pray the gay away."

I'm not buying the fact that tubby kept his mouth shut for three days

This woman makes Sarah Palin look like Princess Di, and this cover makes her look like a delusional sociopath. Well played, Newsweek. Exposing true colors left and far right.


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  1. well played? come on, she is making herself look bad enough recently ... this kinda thing draws sympathy from the wrong people and just cheapens the argument that she is a loon and that the mainstream media is all against her.... cheap fuckin hit