Friday, August 19, 2011

A-Hole Bookseller Stays In Same Parking Spot For 11 Years

(NY Post) Eleven years ago, Charles Mysak snagged a primo parking spot on the corner of Columbus Avenue and 68th Street -- and he hasn't budged since. The sidewalk bookseller keeps his inventory piled up in the beat up green '94 Civic, held partially together with duct tape, and feeds the meter $36 a day -- in quarters -- to hold on to the spot. Traffic agents paper him with parking tickets for overstaying his welcome, and he's even been towed once or twice, but the defiant Mysak, 60, continues to hold on to the spot he first claimed during the Clinton administration. His wife drives him to the Upper West Side each morning a 7:00 am from their Wayne, NJ, home. Formerly a lawyer, the Shakespeare-quoting vendor began selling used books on his folding table at the corner after getting convicted of stealing from his clients and disbarred.

At first I had Charlie's back with this one. We all know how much of a nightmare getting a spot in the city can be. In fact, I'd say driving into Manhattan and trying to find a non-lot spot is the 5th scariest thing in the world behind AIDS tests, pregnancy tests, public restrooms and snakes so I can't knock the guy for holding down some primo real estate. But then I found out that his wife drives him every morning from Wayne, NJ at 7 a.m., shells out $36 in quarters and peddles second hand books for 12 hours a day all for a net pay of $100? That just doesn't seem like a savvy business move to me.

For starters you're getting literally zero use out of your car. Thing hasn't moved since "Livin La Vida Loca" was at the top of the charts. Then you factor in gas, bridge tolls and having to spend an hour+ in traffic with your wife each day and that right there is enough to make me consider a new career path. Also, who is his clientele? Everyone who lives in that neighborhood has money out the ass and made the jump over to Team Kindle years ago, so I don't think anyone is knocking down his (car) door to get their hands on a greasy copy of "Oliver Twist".

I can't get enough of the fact that this hippie is a disbarred lawyer turned book vendor. Talk about a fall from grace. Cast Jason Segel in this guys life story and Apatow turns it into gold. Write it down.


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