Thursday, August 18, 2011

Is This Real Life?

Do you guys remember Vinny's creepy, douchey, uncle Nino who has made a few guest appearences on the "Jersey Hills" (starting now this is the only way I will ever refer to that show) each season? You know the guy who got a few cheap laughs by dropping their cringe-worthy catch phrases like "smush" and "grenade" and hopped right into the hot tub next to Snookie? Well somehow that asshole has found a way to turn that into a schtick. The guy has almost 40 THOUSAND twitter followers and his bio reads "To have the “Original Guido” Uncle Nino at your next event contact". Like how is this even possible? Who in their right mind would book the creepy uncle of some tool reality television star for anything? What talents does this jackoff actually have? I could see him just showing up with a couple bottles of Strega, fisting pumping and hitting on your mother. Why anyone would let this man into their homes is beyond me. Total fake life shit.

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