Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Man Finally Comes Down From 100 Foot Radio Tower After 6 Day Standoff

(NBC) A man who scaled an Oklahoma TV tower last week surrendered to Tulsa police Tuesday after a six-day standoff, the Tulsa World reported. After several hours of attempts by rescue crews to coax him to safety, William Boyd Sturdivant II, 25, climbed into a Tulsa Fire Department truck lift around 6:40 p.m. and was brought 100 feet down to the ground. During several rescue attempts, crews offered Sturdivant food and water if he would agree to come down from his perch. It is unclear how crews finally persuaded Sturdivant to leave the tower.

I've had it with all these bullshit endings lately. First the Dougherty Gang completely shits the bed and goes out like a bunch of sissies. Sure the stripper chick older sister caught some lead in her leg but it certainly lacked the Godfather style tollbooth shootout that I had been hoping for. And now we have William Boyd Sturdivant II who goes 6 days without food or water, in 100 degree temperatures, while balancing on top of a 100 foot radio tower refusing to listen to anyone and then all of a sudden he just gives up? Come on bro you're better than that. You didn't make national news four days running because people wanted you to give up and come down safely. You gotta go out with a bang and give these cameramen what they're looking for, be it with ridiculous body gestures, outlandish demands or a good old fashion concrete swan dive.

P.S. On a completely serious note I don't know how the hell this guy survived 6 days without food or water. I went to Applebee's last night at like 10 o'clock, didn't eat breakfast this morning and about twenty minutes ago literally did a dead sprint to the $1 pizza slice place around the corner from my office because I thought my stomach was going to start eating itself.


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