Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Canseco Eats Dinner Alone, Jimmer Recommends The Game "Catch Phrase" and Jason Biggs Looks For Free Drugs at The Gorge- It's Your LDW Tweet Re-Cap

In an open ended homage letter to months June, July and August, the great American poet Sean Carter once said, "Dear Summer, I know you gone miss me. For we been together like Nike airs and crisp tees". Truer words have yet to be spoken. With the coming and going of Labor Day Weekend, another summer chapter completed in your book of life, I bring to you a new weekly series of celebrity twitter posts from the past weekend to help you deal with your separation anxiety from your white pants and the realization that if you want to see hot girls in bikinis, you're going to have to watch on a computer screen. So without Freddie Adu- here is the first ever 2 Man Weave Weekend Twitter Re-Cap.

In recent months Jose has become somewhat of a recurring figure here at the weave for his epic meltdowns and spiteful poems and we're certainly not going to stop featuring him now. There is just something beautiful about seeing such a giant douchebag suffer in self pity that makes me smile.

In the past two weeks Jimmer Fredette has both gotten engaged and informed us that an evening spent playing Catch Phrase with friends will provide you with "guaranteed laughs". Not exactly the things I would be doing if I were an NBA rookie awaiting a deal of guarenteed millions. Granted under the influence of the proper herbal medication, Catch Phrase can provide some goofy laughs, but still for the love of Mormon Gods do SOMETHING COOL Jimmer. You're in the N.B.A., not in a minivan en route to a family vacation. You can bet your bottom dollar that Morris twins are out double teaming groupies and smoking cess, not playing electronic family games with wifey.

So while you were having hot dog eating contests and getting pants-shitting drunk with your buddies, Jason Biggs, noted friend of DMB bassist Stefan Lessard, was cheering on the band at the beautiful Gorge Amphitheater in Washington. And trolling Twitter for free drugs. The type of narcotic Biggs was looking for wasn't specified, but wishful thinking leads me to believe he was trying to score some bombs for round 2 with the pie.


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