Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Looks Like Steve-O Had A Good Time At The Charlie Sheen Roast

(Steve-O's blog) I should explain how this happened. I told Charlie Sheen that I was so grateful to be a part of his roast that I was going to attempt to get a black I from Mike Tyson. I dove face-first into Mike Tyson's fist, although it was my forehead that landed on it that first time. It wasn't until the end of the show that I was allowed to give it another proper try. I broke my nose badly in the process, it was in a whole new spot on my face. As a cameraman filmed blood pouring out of my nose, a guy in the crowd came over and told me he could set my nose straight right there on the spot....What a great deal, I get to say that I got two black eyes and a broken nose from Mike Tyson, and I'm going to come out of it looking better than I did before it happened. Yeah dude!

Gotta love the chops on Steve-O, huh? Sure it's one thing to jump off of hotel roofs into shallow pools, light yourself on fire, snort wasabi, go in a porta potty sling shot, or shoot up 5 shots of Vodka through and IV when you're high on nitrous, PCP, cocaine and whatever else he was putting in his body the last 15 years. But it takes some serious balls to get bare knuckle punched in the face three times by Mike Tyson stone cold sober. I mean I guess it is something to cross off the old bucket list, getting punched in the face by a former heavyweight champ and all, but I have to admit there is a little part of me that feels like he should have went all out and had the champ bite part of his ear off, a la Holyfield in '97. I know that it's completely insane to let someone bite off a chunk of your ear and that it would have caused permanent, irreparable damage, but sometimes you just gotta go big or go home.

Sheen Roast airs Monday at 10 pm on Comedy Central


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