Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Would You Pay 38 G's For A Pair Of Nike "Marty McFly's"?

(NY Post) British rapper Tinie Tempah dropped $37,500 on a pair of Nike shoes featured in the classic film "Back to the Future II." The London native became the proud owner of the first of only 1,500 pairs of the limited-edition kicks, which Nike will be auctioning off. Nike announced that the proceeds from the sneaker sales will go to the Michael J. Fox foundation. Fox played lead character Marty McFly in the "Back to the Future" trilogy.

I'm a little torn on this one here. Because on one hand you could lay down a down payment on a new house with that kind of change. But on the other hand there is no way that you can walk into a club wearing light up Marty McFly kicks and not get your knob slobbed on. It's just a known fact. Chicks eat those lights up. Reminds me of when I used to rock my L.A. Gear Light Up sneakers back in the third grade. Had to beat the girls off me with my Pogs slammer.

But for real this is just such a boss move by Tinie Tempah. Sure he'll be regretting this in 10 years when he's bankrupt and pissed off that he spent the better half of his twenties reffering to himself as "Tinie", but I say fuck it, live for the now. And right now my man is straight stylin'. Looks like he's wearing the Northern Lights of Aurora Borealis on his feet. Play on, playa.

C+ blog but since it's almost 1 a.m. I'll bump it up to a B-


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  1. if i had the money i would those shoes are amazing