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Bill Plaschke Highly Recommends Making Andrew Luck Your Backup Fantasy Quarterback This Season

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Bill Plaschke, the award winning L.A. Times columnist and recurring talking head on Around The Horn, was very impressed with what he saw out of the number one overall pick, Andrew Luck, last night. Luck went 16 for 25 with a pair of picks in a 26-24 preseason loss to the Steelers at Heinz Field. Though to his credit, he did orchestrate two drives which resulted in touchdowns, including a game tying rushing score with under two minutes to go in the first half. Let’s see what our friend Bill thought about Mr. Luck’s seemingly pedestrian night, shall we?

That seems like a fairly reasonable place to draft Luck at. Quarterbacks are always a hot commodity in fantasy leagues and the Colts should find themselves playing from behind often, leading to lots of garbage time yards. I'm with you so far Bill, if you want to go RB-RB-WR-WR and roll the dice with Luck as your starter, all the more power to you. 

Andddd just like that you've lost me. So now you're suggesting that your aforementioned fifth round pick on Andrew Luck is to fulfill a BACKUP role? You've got to be kidding me. That means with players like DeSean Jackson, The Law Firm, Denarius Moore, Reggie Bush and Vincent Jackson (more than likely) available you're instead going to draft a SECOND quarterback for the sole reason that you "want him on (your) team"? Dude this is FANTASY football. Leadership and camaraderie don't mean shit. If he's not going to be in your starting lineup getting you points each week then what good is he to you? I feel like I'm being trolled by some old dude who wants to seem "hip" with the youngsters by being "in" on the hot, new rookie.

To touch on Plaschke's next tweet, Cam Newton scored the fourth most points in Yahoo! Standing Scoring leagues a season ago, so to say that rookie QBs can be "legit fantasy backups" is kind of a moot point. But once again, this is either some kind of bizarre backhanded compliment to rookies or another failed attempt at being "in the know". I'm pretty sure talent plays a greater role than the new "sophistication of college programs", but what do I know?

Cave Man Translation for Tweet #2- "NFL HAVE LOT OF GOOD QBS. MUST DRAFT HIGH"

As far as Bill missing out on Cam Newton last year, he can go ahead and cry me a river. Players come out of the woodwork and overachieve every single year. It's part of the game- deal with it. Don't overcompensate by wasting a top 50 pick on a player you only intend on starting once this season.

Oh, and enjoy last place.

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