Friday, November 30, 2012

A Jet Fan's Open Letter To Bart Scott

Dear Mr. Scott,

This is an open letter to you from a lifelong jet fan. With all due respect sir, and I do mean with all due respect, just shut up and play some respectable football. This whole season you've been holding grudges with entire “groups” of people. First it was the “media” whom you unsuccessfully tried to boycott. Now you’ve set your sights on the people that pay your salary. Yes, I get it, we’re not the easiest fan base to love and play for, but you do owe it to us to play your hardest at all times.

The problem stems from the fans obviously noticing a lack of heart, something this jets team hasn’t had in over two years. We don’t just boo for bad play, I mean we do boo for that, but what really gets us going is when your constant talk is backed up by poor play. The entire Jets franchise has been touting how good they are since Rex took over. So you have to expect when that happens the bar is going to be raised. Why don’t you play up to that bar instead of blaming everything else when you fall short of that level?

Yes, the fans were out of line with in that now infamous Thanksgiving Day video, but they have the right to be frustrated. They spend their hard earned money to go watch a professional football game and that performance, and for much of this season, the New York Jets have been anything but professional. You think the reaction would have been that bad if you came out and played tough and hung in there versus a better team?


They boo because it was painfully obvious that you guys had given up in the second quarter. Once again you showed your “professionalism” by saying that the fans that were booing were a bunch of “guys who would have been picked last in dodgeball.”  So go ahead keep being delusional and thinking that the fans are stupid, uneducated, jealous people that are just being haters because we wish we were athletes. Well DUH!!!!!!! Everyone wishes they were a professional athlete. That’s what frustrates us when we see a noticeable lack of effort or heart because we will never get a chance to play in a professional football game.

So when we see players take it for granted because they were blessed with incredible athletic ability and worked hard to perfect their sport, WE WILL GET FEROCIOUS ABOUT IT. To be honest I get that you’re probably frustrated too, but be smart about it. Retaliating to the fans is such a lose lose situation for you. Keep that in mind when you make comments like this because you may one day over step your boundaries and find yourself on the free agent market mid season. It’s not like you’re an untouchable commodity anymore. If you were the star and leader of the team, people would honestly respect and care about what you have to say. But truth be told you’re an aging middle linebacker in the twilight of his career who has been slowly but surely fazed out of the defense.

I’ll leave you with this, how do older players with diminishing skills stay on a roster? I’ll give you one hint- it’s the fans. Players have been kept way past their time purely on the fact that they are loved by the fan base. So keep that in mind and maybe you’ll extend your career before you have to take up dodge ball full time.



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