Friday, November 23, 2012

Allow Me To Introduce You To "The Lovernor"- It's Your Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 6 Recap With Miggs

Of all the paranormal shows out there, nothing sucks viewers in quite like "The Walking Dead." The series itself is so addicting that I even turned to the comics to get my zombie fix because one hour of Rick and the game per week is simply not enough. I started reading The Walking Dead compendium 2 last week, which is the second hundred issues of the graphic novel all put into one large book. Needless to say it's been giving me a pretty big big nerd-on, so I was extra stoked to watch this week’s episode "Say The Word". 

Many questions were left unanswered from last week's episode such as who is prank calling Rick? Is Carol dead? Will the Governor get to know Andrea in a biblical sense? And when will contact be made between the people of Woodbury and the Rick's group of survivors? Luckily, all of these questions were answered on Sunday, setting up what's sure to be an explosive final two episodes.

The episode begins with Merle Dixon leading a group of gunman through the woods to find Michonne. This is further showing that Woodbury is not just a wonderland of hopes and dreams and that nobody gets to walk away unscathed. Michonne battles through the woods, taking out one bad guy at a time and in the process gets shot and gets covered in a whole bunch of zombie guts.

Meanwhile back in Woodbury Andrea admits that she kinda digs the sick, sadistic behavior that presents itself in the quaint little town. In fact it's kind of what attracts her to the Governor. They talk a while, share a drink and then get down to business. The governor made me laugh when he tried to be all cool and answered Andrea's arbitrary question by saying “hell yeah.” He went from being the Governor to the Lovernor in my book.

Finally we have our first interactions between Woodbury and the Survivors. Glenn and Maggie are making a run for baby formula and other assorted items when GOOD OL’ Merle shows up. What a dick. Of course an argument ensues and Merle can’t just do something normal or easy, he has to make everyone in this world hate him even more so he kidnaps Glen and Maggie and brings them back to Woodbury. Michonne witnesses this happen and picks up the items collected by Glen and Maggie and makes her way towards the prison.

Back at the prison Rick just answered a phone call in an abandoned prison that somehow someone out there magically had the number to at the exact moment that Rick happened to be next to it. There are two options- either there is a group of well put together survivors who have somehow figured out a way to get power and a working phone and contact a random number, or the more likely scenario, Rick is nuts. Seeing how he just lived through his wife dying and being completely eaten by a zombie, I’d have to go with the latter of the two. Yes, Rick is hearing voices that happen to be his late wife. Some may think this spells the end of Rick. How can he be insane and survive the zombie apocalypse? To be honest, I think it’s the best way for him to get over it. He has to snap out of it quickly and help his family, so hearing her voice tell him everything's okay and stuff is going to help in the long run. And by the end of the episode Rick seems to be snapping out of his murderous rage a little bit.

Daryl takes Carl under his wing for this episode as they clear out more and more of the prison. They swap stories about how their mothers passed away. Daryl is like "yea my mom smoked in bed and the house caught on fire". Carl who seems totally unimpressed basically says “Ummm I'm pretty sure I shot my mom in the face a couple days ago, but yea your story is pretty sad too.” Daryl eventually finds Carol and she has survived without harm. I called it last week, further confirming that you can’t proclaim that someone is dead in this series until they are completely eaten or shot in the head.

Finally, as Rick cleans up and leaves the bowls of the prison to be a father again, he actually embraces his newborn child for the first time. It’s quite a contrast from the Rick we've seen recently that goes on zombie killing sprees and talks to his dead wife via telephone. He appears to be getting back to being as normal as possible in this situation. As the show closed we see Michonne make contact with the survivors and so marks the beginning of “outsiders” coming into the prison. Some will be good (Michonne), some will be bad (Merle), but we now know what we are in for in the last two episodes of the season. I’m looking forward to the first meeting between Rick and The Governor. Two gentleman this similar in nature battling out for survival will make for great television. I'm looking forward to breaking it down for you on next week’s Walking Dead Recap.


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