Thursday, November 29, 2012

I Asked A 2x Super Bowl Champion About Spy Gate

(TD) When Hurricane Katrina stuck the Gulf region back in 2005, hundreds of New Yorkers flew down in the ensuing months to volunteer, re-build and do their best to help get things back to normal. Fast forward seven years, and now thanks to Hurricane Sandy, the New York metropolitan area finds itself in a similar situation.
For one Super Bowl-winning defensive end, this was just the excuse he needed to give back to the area that once had his back.
Jarvis Green spent eight seasons with the New England Patriots, racking up 28 sacks and winning two titles along the way. But it’s Green’s off the field accolades that really jump out to you when measuring what type of man he truly is. He recently took a break from his philanthropy work to talk to TDdaily about how his foundation plans on helping victims of Sandy, along with what the Giants offensive linemen were doing on the infamous Super Bowl XLII “helmet catch” and more.
TD: Did you guys on that ’07 Patriots team use ‘Spy Gate’ as extra motivation to play even harder to prove how good you really were?
JG: I think it was more just adversity man, people throwing stuff at you. For us, we played well, we had a great year through that and just managed to go out there and show people we don’t need cheating to be successful and win.

To read the rest of this interview, and hear about what the Giants offensive line was doing during the infamous "helmet catch", click here

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