Sunday, November 18, 2012

No One Is Happier That Oregon And Kansas State Lost Than This Kid

Last week the Texas A & M Aggies knocked off then #1 ranked Alabama Crimson Tide, thanks largely impart to Johnny Football's Heisman coming out party. The game came down to the wire, but ultimately was decided by an A.J. McCarron interception on 4th and goal with a minute and a half left. Many folks across the country were happy to watch the Tide go down, seeing as it brought schools like Kansas State, Oregon and Notre Dame one step closer to the BCS National Championship.

This 'Bama fan in the above video was not one of those folks.

The clip was recorded over Xbox Live while some gamers played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 in their parent's basement. It captured the 'Bama fans reaction in live time, starting with their second and goal run. This video has since been dubbed over so you can now watch the actual game footage with the manic Southerner's commentary. It's pretty fucking priceless if you ask me.

Fast forward to last night, where #1 ranked Kansas State got their asses handed to them by Baylor, and #2 Oregon lost to Stanford because Chip Kelly doesn't make his boys practice field goal kicks. What this means is that Notre Dame is the new #1 team in all the land, but what it really means is that we may have a chance to watch this kid root for Alabama in a title game. All jokes aside I would let Sandusky babysit my first born from the pen if it meant we could get another video of this kid's reaction to a 'Bama title game loss, choked away in the final two minutes.

Somebody please make this happen.

-fresh (@danye33)

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