Friday, November 30, 2012

The Governor Is A Boob Man, And Other Observations From Season 3 Episode 7 Of "The Walking Dead"

The word of the day is Penultimate, which the Webster’s dictionary defines as “the last kick ass episode of The Walking Dead before the mid-season finale.” I might have tweaked the definition a little bit but to be honest it makes sense for someone writing about this week’s episode. It set the frame work for what should be an explosive confrontation between Rick’s Crew and Woodbury. Some people say there are no guarantees in this world except death and taxes. I say bullshit, there is a guarantee that there will be death, but also dismemberment and every viewers elevated heart rate for next week’s finale. So let’s break down The Governors sexual shakedown in this week’s Walking Dead recap.

This week’s episode “When the Dead Come Knocking” begins with Michonne on the outside of the prison waiting to see if Rick is going to let her in. Her zombie costume is beginning to wear off and the zombies surrounding the fence begin to take notice. As zombies start to swarm Michonne like frat boys chasing the last girl standing at the bar, she fends off a couple with some bad ass head chopping action. Rick hesitates to help the stranger out, but Carl takes the initiative and pops two zombies in the head before they can make a nice Michonne lunchable. They save Michonne and bring her into the prison. Of course nobody trusts anybody so they take her sword and lock her in a different cell block. And now for another installment of times when Miggs almost cried during a zombie apocalypse show.

Yes, when Rick finds out Carol was alive, my eyes welled up a little bit. That moment just furthers the idea that these people are no longer just a group of survivors strung together but are inching closer and closer to becoming what a post zombie world family structure would look like. Michonne also sees this moment and realizes that these are good hearted people and finally for the first time in her entire run on the show lets her guard down. She reveals what she knows about The Governor and Woodbury. It riles up Rick and the rest of the group so they decide they better find Woodbury first before The Governor finds the prison.

So back at Woodbury it just seems to be that The Governors’sexual tension has spilled over into many aspects of the show. From his ongoing relationship with Andrea to how he is now interrogating Maggie and Glenn, this guy seems to be very sexual in every move he makes, hence my nick name for him “The Lovernor. First things first, let’s just have a moment of silence for all the men who had to adjust their pants during this week’s episode because they were watching with their SO or family. Let’s give a round of applause for the talent displayed this week by both Andrea and Maggie. Who knew they both were hot, but that? DADDY LIKEY. All be it Maggie’s scene was more creepy than sexy, no one can deny that she’s one HOT PIECE OF ARSEEEE.

Now we enter the torture/interrogation portion of this week’s article. Glenn and Maggie were taken hostage by Merle, and Glenn draws the lucky card of being interrogated by Merle. After dealing with a severe beating at the “hand” or Merle, Glenn stays strong and doesn’t give any info in regards to Rick and the prison. Merle gets pissed and goes to plan b. releasing a live walker into the room while Glenn is tied to the chair. Doesn’t he realize that Glenn is now a fully fledged bad mamajama? Glenn gets the zombie kill of the week for just goin hard and killing the shit out of that zombie with his hands tied behind his back. And if you were counting, I believe Merle’s ongoing racially insensitive comment score this week was 2. He made two racially charged remarks. Once again I repeat- WATTADICK.

Just a quick blurb on what that scientist guy was trying to do- he was trying to figure out if a zombie remembers anything from its past life once it turns. I believe this scene provided us with some insight. All I could think of during this scene was that they were trying to see if The Governor’s undead daughter can remember anything from her past life. And it also showed us a big difference between Rick’s group and Woodbury. That difference is toughness and experience. This guy was so stupid that he almost got himself killed, and it took somebody who survived out in the wild like Andrea to save his ass. Keep that in mind when we get closer to the confrontation between camps. Who do you think is more adept at surviving the people who have been behind big walls away from all the death and destruction or the people who have been fighting for their lives for a better part of a year?

Now to the part of the show where I got some serious heebe jeebes going. The Governor decides that he is going to interrogate Maggie. He pretty much gets straight to the point and demands she take off her shirt. Okay interesting tactics Governor, if he were interrogating a nudist would he demand that she dress heavily?  He then pretty much simulates what it would be liked to be raped by The Governor without actually doing it. Tough scene to watch especially with your SO because of the way he used his tactics between Glenn and Maggie. He eventually threatens Glenns life forcing Maggie to give up the location of the prison. So that marks it, no more gray area for me. Once you threaten rape on a poor young woman that whole possible good guy thing gets thrown out the window.

So now the table is set for a mid-season finale showdown next week. We’ve got some key match ups on our hands in Rick vs. Gov, Michonne vs Woodbury, Daryl vs Merle.  Who will make it out alive? Is this conflict going to end next week or is it just going to escalate and then save the drama for the second half of this season. All I know is that I will be glued to my TV come 9 o’clock Sunday night. So tune in and then check back next week for the Walking Dead Season 3 Part 1 finale recap.



  1. Tomorrow night is going to be awesome. I look forwad to your great recaps! Keep it up!!