Friday, November 23, 2012

Week 12 NFL Picks

I hope you guys all had a better Thanksgiving than I did. For the sake of future and current employers, I'll leave out the details and give you a toned down version of the events that took place on TGE. In short, far too many drinks were consumed, clothes came off and urine didn't quite make it all the way into (or even remotely close to) the toilet. Needless to say I spent the entire holiday feeling like Mark Sanchez after he rammed his head up Brandon Moore's asshole. Let's get to the picks.

2 Man Weave Anti-Lock Of The Week (6-5) Pats -6.5 in New York

Look, I know I didn't post this in time due to unforeseen problems that occurred, but if you don't believe me that this was my lock of the week just check out my Jets/Pats preview column I wrote yesterday for TD Daily. This game was literally free money. Anyone who still believes in Mark Sanchez's ability to lead a football teams need to be sent to a psych ward.

The King's Throne
Gary 82-74-4  Hou -3, Wash +3.5, N.E. -6.5, Oak +8, Indy -3, Den -10.5, Jax +3, T.B., Sea -3, Bal -1, N.O. +2, St. Lou +2.5, G.B. +2.5, Philly -2.5

Watch The Throne
 Flem 80-76-4 Hou -3, Dal -3.5, NYJ +6.5, Oak +8, Indy -3, Den -10.5, Ten -3, Atl, Sea -3, Bal -1, N.O. +2, Ari -2.5, G.B. +2.5, Philly -2.5

Chooch  76-80-4   Hou -3, Wash +3.5, N.E. -6.5, Cincy -8, Indy -3, Den -10.5, Jax +3, T.B., Sea -3, Bal -1, S.F. -2, St. Lou +2.5, G.B. +2.5, Car +2.5

Muggsey  76-80-4   Hou -3,Dal -3.5, NYJ +6.5, Cincy -8, Indy -3, Den -10.5, Jax +3, Atl, Mia +3, Bal -1, S.F. -2, Ari -2.5, NYG -2.5, Philly -2.5

The Mush
Danye 70-86-4   Hou -3, Wash +3.5, N.E. -6.5, Oak +8, Buff +3, Den -10.5, Jax +3, Atl, Sea -3, Bal -1, N.O. +2, Ari -2.5, G.B. +2.5, Car +2.5

Obscure Gif Of The Week / Roof jump fail

Babe of the Week / Jessica Zepeda

Random YouTube Video Of The Week That Has Nothing To Do With Football / Kramer Advertises For Hennigan's

Game Time Snack Of The Week / Hot Pizza Dip

Chief Keef "Locked 'N Loaded" Fantasy Player To Watch For

Victor Cruz, WR Giants

Lots of cats be out here hating on the homie Cruz cuz after he scores he does his girly little salsa dance in the end zone. But what these dudes is failing to realize is that bitches be at home double clicking away on the labia when they see Victor move them hips. Might as well be doing a mating dance out there. Win-win situation if I ever seent one. Put some points up on the board, guarantee yourself some pussy after the game. It's like he's got it down to a science, and if there's one thing I'm wit, it's robbing fools. But if there's too things I'm wit, it's slaying females so I support the salsa. 

-fresh (@danye33)

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