Friday, November 16, 2012

WRESTLEMANIA ZOMBIE EDITION! It's Your Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 5 Recap With Miggs

Coming back to watch this week’s episode of The Walking Dead was like seeing an ex-girlfriend whom you had a real emotional break-up with. You don’t want to revisit the pain you felt, but you still want to know if she got fat or not. Which basically means I was nervous about dealing with the emotions of last week’s tumultuous mid-season blowout, but was intrigued at finding out if the group would regroup and move on. Just a quick side note/prediction- I thought that Carol got away scott free last week and survived thanks to T-Dog's heroic actions, but from various recaps I've read, it sounds like she died. Honestly the way this show is going, unless I hear or see someone’s head getting blown or chopped off I’m not guaranteeing a character is dead until we see the lifeless body. They dug a grave for her in the episode but we haven’t seen the corpse yet.

This week’s recap begins in the town of Woodbury. Little by little each week we get to see little psychotic nuggets of information that are more damming to the people of Woodbury and the Governor. Going from a group of normal people just trying to survive and get their old lives back, to a group of unaffected sociopaths who are now turning everlasting danger into entertainment. So in another creepy revelation about the Governor we discover that he is keeping his young undead daughter alive in his closet. For those wondering how and what does she eat to stay alive, well you have to wonder where all the bodies of the heads that the Governor is also keeping in his house went. So that little trash compactor is still hanging around. As sick and as gross as it may sound to keep a dead little girl in your closet, it actually gives the Governor a sense of humanity. It's his baby girl who he doesn't want to let go of even though he must murder people to feed her. It’s pretty much a modern day dramatic version of Little Shop of Horrors FEEEDDDD MEEE SEYMORRRR, I mean GOVERNORRRRRR. 

Michonne is snooping like crazy to get her sword back and discovers the Governors documents and a list that we can assume is one of those convenient “who I'll murder next” lists. She then finds a cage filled with walkers in which she unleashes and dispatches them in what looks like a therapeutic manner. Michonne and Andrea argue about whether or not to stay or leave Woodbury. Michonne books it and Andrea stays back to see what else this small, murderous town can provide. Andrea then gets to witness for herself a little bit of the true identity of the people of Woodbury. As there only form of entertainment each week two men battle in a ring surrounded by zombies waiting to eat them. It may sound sick to some people but honestly I don’t have much of a problem with it. The Governor makes a solid point when Andrea exclaims “You teaching people not to fear them?” and the Governor responds “ No, we're teaching them not to be afraid.” To be honest, if you're living in a world that seems hopeless, why not try and adapt and put this massive undead population to some good use. Like if you could train 22 zombies to play football would you not want to recreate Friday Night Lights every week? With that being said, I think we're in store for some more shocking revelations to come out of Woodbury in the next couple weeks.

If you didn't suspect it already, back at the prison is pretty doom and gloom in the days following a harrowing tragedy. Rick has definitely lost his shit, but it's making for great television. In one of the coolest scenes in recent memory he goes on a zombie killing spree in the prison. Just slicing and dicing his way through the bowels of the prison that will forever hold his wife’s soul. Rick is confronted and pleaded with to return to the group but he almost kills Glenn in the process. You can see the glazed over look in his eyes. The same glazed over look I get when I'm on my fourth plate of dumplings at the Chinese buffet. Daryl and Maggie go off to find baby formula for the baby and Glenn begins digging three graves for those lost in the previous episode. 

The prisoners offer a hand and looks like they are slowly inching closer to becoming part of the group. Maggie and Daryl get the formula and return unscathed. The group, minus Rick, gather around the newborn as it begins to eat and they decide that they have plenty of woman’s names of those lost that they could possibly name the baby. Now Rick enters the room that should contain the body of his dead wife. They don’t show her and there's no indication that her body was taken and buried. Not sure if the writers were inferring anything, again this is just my opinion of what happened. He finds a zombie struggling to move and laying down with a huge belly full of something. Rick dispatches the zombie with a gun to the mouth and then finds a knife and stabs it repeatedly in the gut. My thought is that this zombie found Lori's dead body and literally ate everything. Not sure if that is my sick mind or the way the show played out. Finally in the last moment of the show a phone rings. Rick answers it but we won't find out who it is until next week.

A little note if you guys didn't notice the theme of this week was adaptation. Say it with me kids AD-AP-TAT-TION. It’s the transformation that living in this world forces on its inhabitants. As displayed by Rick, Michonne and the people of Woodbury. Conventional ways of blowing off steam like punching a pillow or masturbating don’t seem to work anymore. So they adapt to their surroundings and use the undead to distress. It was cool to see such an intricate part of the novel played out on TV because it is such a violent experience. All in all I give this episode a B since it would have been hard to top last weeks episode in action and suspense. This week was a solid combo of exposition and action. Come back next week as we begin the homestretch of this season as the final three episodes look to be an intense cap on what has already been an intense season.

P.S My prediction on who dialed 1-800-dial-a-rick….I happen to think it's Morgan, the guy in the pilot who takes Rick in and explains what is going on. 


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