Friday, December 7, 2012

Chooch's Heisman Preview

The Three Finalists

1) Johnny Manziel – Quarterback – Texas A & M: No player took the nation by more surprise this year than the diminutive redshirt freshman from Texas. ‘Johnny Football’ led the Aggies to a 10-2 season in their first year in the mighty SEC.

Pros: Manziel was a complete stat machine this season. He posted over 3,000 yards passing and over 1,000 yards rushing, as well as 24 passing touchdowns and 19 rushing touchdowns. Manziel also played great in one of the biggest games of the year when A & M upset Alabama in Tuscaloosa.

 Cons: Besides the Alabama game, Manziel was very average in the Aggies’ two other big games this season against Florida and LSU (both at home). A lot of Johnny Football’s stats were accumulated against lower-level SEC competition. A & M also had two games this season against FCS opponents, another cheap way to pad stats. Is the Heisman trust really ready to give its award to a freshman? Manziel was also arrested last summer for a minor offense.

2) Manti Te’o – Linebacker – Notre Dame: Te’o has always been a great player but he really took his game up to another level this season.

Pros: Entering this season, Te’o had zero interceptions. He amassed seven this season, an incredible number for an inside linebacker. Te’o was the heart and soul of the #1 ranked scoring defense in the country. Off the field, Te’o represents everything that you’d want the Heisman Trophy to highlight. He’s a good student and has no off-the-field incidents to speak of. He overcame immense tragedy when his girlfriend and grandmother passed away on the same day back in September. 

Cons: It’s been decades since a defense-only player has won the Heisman trophy. The closest was Ndamankong Suh, who finished in 2nd back in 2009 behind Mark Ingram. That alone should prevent Te’o from winning. He could have used a couple of defensive touchdowns for the highlight reel.

3) Collin Klein – Quarterback – Kansas State: Klein was the favorite for most of the season, but stumbled late.

Pros: In terms of stats, Klein isn’t very different from Manziel. Klein has the off-the-field qualities that Te’o has as well. He led Kansas State to a rare Big 12 title and will play in the Fiesta Bowl vs. Oregon.

Cons: I doubt that voters will be able to look past the 28 point beatdown the Wildcats suffered at the hands of Baylor. It’s tough for a Heisman winner to recover from that kind of bad game.

Biggest Snub: Marquise Lee – Wide Receiver – USC: Lee was far and away the best receiver in the country this season, putting up over 1,600 receiving yards, including an incredible 300+ yard day versus Arizona. USC didn’t have any patsies on the schedule to let Lee pad his stats either. At the very least, Lee should have received an invite to New York.


Despite his decent list of cons, Manziel will come away with the award. The stats are just too big, and that drives everything. The Alabama moment will push him over the top.


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  1. this thug thinks he can pay his way out of anything. he can shoulder bump his coach and sell signatures for money and get arrested and still win a heisman. the a&m administration will not allow his coach to punish or correct him by benching him. they want to keep him on the field no matter what. he says he hates a&m and wants to transfer.that doesn't endear him to his fellow players who were not born with a silver spoon in their mouth.he is going to college on a&m's dime and hates it. poor johnny. he is so misunderstood. pardon me while i barf!