Saturday, December 15, 2012

Pick A Side! Pats/49ers Edition

The Line- New England -4.5 vs. San Francisco

Why the 49ers will cover

Cliché to say but the game is one and lost at the line of scrimmage, and I don’t know a team in the NFL who can dominate upfront on both sides of the ball the way the 49ers. The o-line has been solid all year at both protecting its quarterback and wearing down defenses with a back breaking running game. Athletic, powerful and nasty are the three terms to describe the big uglies for San Fran. And it’s one of the main reasons why I think they take it to the Pats young defense.

Now let’s move it over to the defensive side of the ball. This teams d-line is anchored by one of the most dominate players in all the league, Justin Smith. Yea, yea, yea I understand JJ Watt was shut down last week, but this guy doesn't need to sack the QB to make a difference. He demands a double team on nearly every play which opens up the play book for the outside guys like Aldon Smith to go to work unscathed. Tawmmmm Bwaddyyyyy stood tall and clean last week against a subpar Houston defensive effort. Don’t expect the same when the Niners come to town.

My final reason for picking San Fran is the reason they have been a top of the league team for the past two years. This team can flat out stop the run. What's that you say about stopping the run doesn't matter against the Pats because all they do is pass?. Not true. The reason this Pats team has been successful so far this season is the development of a solid running game. Besides the obvious fact that it balances out the Pats offense, it’s what the run game does for a subpar Pats defense that becomes the real difference maker. When the pats can run the ball they chew up the clock and keep that Swiss cheese secondary off the field. So simply put if San Fran makes the Pats offense one dimensional it could be a long day for the old New England BeliBradys.


Why the Patriots will cover

Oh I don't know, maybe because of the fact that they've won seven games in a row and just bent over and had their way with the "best team" in football. Maybe because the 49ers had two chances to beat the Rams and got embarrassed both times, meanwhile the Pats beat them 45-7. Maybe it's because the 49ers are the real "one dimensional" team in this equation (#2 in rushing, #26 in passing). Maybe it's because I don't trust west coast teams flying east or maybe it's because the Patriots are averaging a league best 36.2 points per game.

But no, the real reason New England is going to win is because of Tom Brady. Mr. Uggs himself is in the midst of another incredible season, accruing more than 3,800 passing yards, 32 total touchdowns and just four turnovers. He's like Madden cheat code out there. Also, the Pats offensive line is firing on all cylinders and just completely neutralized one of the best d-lines in football. So regardless of how much pressure the Smith's put on Brady, I still expect him to have his way with this defense.

The 49ers are allowing a league best league best 14.2 points per game, but the Pats haven't been held under 23 points since week 2. Something has got to give Sunday night, and I'm willing to bet my lunch that it's not going to be New England. I'll take the best offense (and a pretty damn good defense) over the best defense and Colin Kaepernick any day.


What's at stake?

A delicious Subway footlong.

May the best team man win.

-fresh (@danye33)

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