Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tonight Marks The End Of The Venereal Wart That Was "The Jersey Shore"

Remember all those douchey phrases you used to think were cool three years ago like “smush”, “grenade” (pre-Bruno Mars), “beat the beat” and “yeaaahh budddddy”? Well at 11 o’clock eastern tonight the show responsible for introducing that garbage to your vocabulary and lowering your IQ no less than 30 points will have gone the way of Old Yeller. That’s right, tonight is the season 6(?) finale of The Jersey Shore, and this time around the execs over at MTV are promising to raise the white flag for good.

In its heyday (season 1 at the shore house and season 2’s coke binge in Miami) the show did unbelievable ratings and became such a staple of mainstream America that the cast almost immediately became more famous than many of the other artists MTV aired. They were ridiculous but lovable, and the fame hadn’t quite gone to their gelled up heads. Of course that all changed very quickly once the money started pouring in, and the eventually the characters became caricatures of themselves.

The Jersey Shore premiered on December 3rd, 2009, the same month that the Weave launched. In the early days of the site, when neither Pete or I had any idea what we were doing, I often turned to my new favorite show for blog material. So although I, like 99% of America, have grown to dislike this group of guidos, I’ll always remember the good times we shared. 

Below you can find the 2 man weave's Jersey Shore archive from yesteryear-

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