Friday, May 10, 2013

All Aboard The Chance The Rapper Bandwagon

Forgive me if I fuck up any of these details, but the truth of the matter is that I just listened to this Chance The Rapper cat for the first time and I can't possibly put y'all on to him soon enough. The 20 year old artist hails from Chicago's southside, and just released his second mixtape, Acid Rap. I haven't even gotten a chance to listen to it in it's entirety, but the first song I listened to, "Acid Rain", was enough to sink its claws into me for good.

On the song Chance raps about a variety of different life experiences, from turning to drugs to ease the pain of reality ("I trip to make the fall shorter"), to what it was like witnessing his friend get murdered ("I seen it happen, I seen it happen, I seen it always. He be screaming, I see his demons in empty hallways), to reminiscing about his childhood ("I miss my diagonal grilled cheeses, and back when Mike Jackson was still Jesus), you really get a sense for what this man stands for. Which is why I believe him when he says he's hungry for success, but not willing to compromise his integrity and beliefs to become popular ("And I'm hungry, I'm just not that thirsty.").

Here's Chance describing his album in his own words:

Now it's time for you guys to pop that tab and enjoy.

Download Acid Rap for free, here.

-fresh (@danye33)

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