Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I Guarentee The Magic "Win" The N.B.A. Draft Lottery

Vucevic and Noel would make for an imposing front court

The N.B.A. Draft lottery is tonight, which should be exciting, but always ends up as one of the most infuriating events of the basketball year. It's appears to be blatantly rigged, and even if its not, the league has done little to cast a shadow on our doubts. Here's how I proposed to fix it last year, you know, the year in which the league-owned Hornets walked away with the #1 pick in a one horse draft:  
"If I were commissioner of the league, I would have stomped that puppy out right away. See all you have to do to prove your product isn't rigged is show the actual ping pong ball selection live on TV. You can't tell me one good reason why they decide the outcome behind closed doors. It's sketchy, unethical and leaves the door open for way too much speculation.
If they showed the balls being selected, not only would it make the viewing experience more enjoyable (this year's broadcast was awkward and anticlimactic) but it would shut up all the doubters, generate raw emotion from fans and owners and prove that the NBA has nothing to hide."
It's as simple as that. Show us the ping pong balls bouncing around and I'll believe that that team truly "won" the lottery. But so long as Stern or Silver are filling up those envelopes behind closed doors- I'm not buying.

In the past ten years alone we've seen the down and out Cavs land their hometown hero (James '03), the Bulls hit a home run with their hometown prodigy Derrick Rose (on just 1.7% odds), the Cavs win the Kyrie sweepstakes in their first year without LeBron, and the aforementioned, league-owned team formally known as the Hornets win their first lottery without CP3. Which is why I'm absolutely positive that the Magic, who have the best odds as it is at 25%, walk away with the #1 pick after a putrid, post-Dwight campaign in 2012-13. That's just the way this circus works.

-fresh (@danye33)

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