Monday, May 13, 2013

What Could Gotye Possibly Have Done To Make His Ex-Girlfriend Change Her Number?

It's been a little over a year since "Somebody That I Used To Know", Gotye's creepy-yet-catchy ode to his ex, first penetrated our ear buds. And in that time I still haven't gotten over the fact that this guy (allegedly) did something so bad that his girlfriend "changed her number" to avoid talking to him. First off, is this even a real thing that people do post-relationship? I've witnessed plenty of fucked up couples go their separate ways, but none that have ever reached the point of changing their telephone number. Like that kind of seems like a big deal, no? And even if she did change her number, couldn't he just find out the new one from a mutual friend? If that were to happen then she would have went through all that trouble for nothing.

The whole scenario just feels a bit off to me. She wants him out of her life so much so that she goes through the hassle of changing her number, yet has no problem subjecting her friends to his irrational and possible dangerous behavior by sending them over to his place to collect a bunch of old records? I feel like if at a certain point you've just got to cut your losses, which in this case is her vinyl records, and get this guy out of her life for good. You can't have it both ways sister.

Oh, and Gotye- learn how to take a hint. IT'S OVER!

-fresh (@danye33)

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