Thursday, June 27, 2013

Aaron Hernandez Arrested For First Degree Murder, Along With Weapons Charges

Last week I alluded to the highly likely possibility that Aaron Hernandez would go down for the murder of 27 year old, semi-pro football player, Odin Lloyd. On Wednesday morning that prediction came true, when the Pro Bowl tight end was formally charged with first degree murder, as well as five additional gun charges. Hernandez pleaded not guilty and is being held without bail. 

This quickly became one of the most highly covered stories in recent years, but this one paragraph from USA Today's excellent piece made me physically ill. 
McCauley hinted that Lloyd might have known his fate when he got into the car with Hernandez, because Lloyd cryptically text-messaged his sister and asked, "Did you see who I left with?" When his sister asked who, Lloyd texted, "NFL." He followed with another text that said, "Just so you know."
Naturally, my heart breaks for any life taken too soon, but for Lloyd to have known that his end was near, and to have to subtly text his sister a final goodbye, just makes me so angry. It's time, for me at least, to stop thinking of Hernandez as a "star", and start looking at him for what he truly is- a monster. 

This premeditated killing, which Hernandez is being accused of orchestrating, all happened because Lloyd talked to a group of men that he didn't like. How deranged and entitled do you have to be to think that it's okay to kill someone because they associated with people you didn't get along with? Are you in the NFL or middle school? 

Other notable tidbits from today's hearings- Hernandez returned one of his rent-a-car's with a shell casing left under the seat, surveillance video shows Hernandez walking around his house, gun in hand, shortly after shots were heard at the industrial dump site, and Hernandez was chewing Blue Cotton Candy Bubblegum at the time of the murder. 

It's time to lock him up and throw away the key. 

P.S. Anyone who makes a "he used to be a tight end but now he's gonna be a wide receiver" joke needs to punch themselves in the face, repeatedly. The shelf life for that joke expired last week. Try coming up with something original

-fresh (@danye33)

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