Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Aaron Hernandez "Not Ruled Out" As Homicide Suspect In Murder Of Boston Bombers' Linebacker

(CBS) NORTH ATTLEBORO, Mass. - New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez has not been ruled out as a suspect in a homicide investigation in North Attleboro, Mass. The source confirmed the 23-year-old Hernandez is not cooperating with investigators at this point in the investigation. Investigators spent several hours at the football player's house Tuesday night. One officer reportedly took a box out of the massive house. Sports Illustrated reports that the link between Hernandez and the case was a rented Chevrolet Suburban with Rhode Island plates that police had been searching for. 

I've been a big fan of Hernandez since his Gator days. Always try to draft him in fantasy and feel that he's the most versatile tight end in the league. So I'm going to stick to the whole innocent until proven guilty thing here and just state the facts at hand. I guess the main connection Hernandez has to the victim, 27 year old Odin Lloyd, is that an Enterprise rent-a-car in Aaron's name was found next to the body at a vacant lot in North Attleboro. Now why would someone who just signed a 5yr/$40 million deal ever need to rent a car? He could literally just go around buying Carolla's in each town he landed in and his bank account would never notice the difference, so the fact that he signed off for a car that may or may not have been used to transport a dead body is definitely a reg flag. 

Also, the fact that news outlets are reporting to Hernandez and Lloyd as "associates" leads us to believe that money played some kind of role in their relationship. Otherwise they would simply be "friends". And now TMZ is reporting that Hernandez was sued in February for allegedly shooting a man in the face on the car ride home from a club. Is it sketchy that we're only now hearing about another shooting involving Hernandez that happened four months ago? Sure. But then again this whole story has been sketchy from the get go, so I'm not ruling anything out.  

-fresh (@danye33)


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