Thursday, June 27, 2013

Don't Call It A Comeback!

(FoxTime to welcome back the Twinkie: Hostess is bringing back its popular snack cakes on July 15 after going bankrupt last year and selling its brands to various bidders.

First Arrested Development, now Twinkies! Remember last fall when Hostess went bankrupt and everyone and their mother's became filled with faux-rage at the thought of living in a world without their favorite creme filled sponge cakes? Well I bet all those people who shelled out more than $100 for a box on Ebay feel silly now, huh? This food was meant to last until the end of time, just like the cock roaches, and now thanks to the private equity firms Apollo Global Management and C. Dean Metropoulous & Co., they will.

Happy binge eating guys!

-fresh (@danye33)

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