Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Look No Further Than The Challenge: Rivals 2 to Quench Your Summer Sports Thirst

With both the NBA and NHL Finals set to wrap up before the month ends, and no Olympics to help pass the time before football, most sports fans are stuck wondering "am I really going to have to spend my summer watching baseball?" And while sure, that's definitely a possibility for people who don't mind watching paint dry, others can tune into MTV for our country's fifth professional sports league- The Real World Challenge.

The 24th installment of the station's last remaining watchable show kicks off Wednesday, July 10th at 10 P.M. eastern. This season's format will be Rivals 2, meaning cast members will be broken up into teams of two, with you guessed it- their biggest rivals. It takes place in Thailand and features a nice mixture of new blood and old favorites.

Some notable men's teams include two of the all time greats to have never won a challenge- CT & Wes, four time champion Johnny Bananas and Battle of the Seasons winner Frank from Real World: Sand Diego, and Leroy/Ty (though their lack of an alliance may come back to haunt them). While the three girls teams to beat are sure to be Paula (Rivals winner) and Emily, Sarah/Trishelle, and Diem/Aneesa.

Popping their challenge cherry will be a pair of teams from Real World: Portland- Marlon, the former Texas Tech linebacker & Jordan (Trey Jr.), as well as Anastasia "Bird" Miller & Jessica McCain.

Here's a full look at the 16 team roster:

  • CT (Paris) & Wes (Austin)
  • Derek (Cancun) & Robb (St. Thomas)
  • Bananas (Key West) & Frank (San Diego)
  • Dunbar (Sydney) & Tyrie (Denver)
  • Jordan & Marlon (both Portland)
  • Preston & Ryan (both New Orleans)
  • Leroy (Las Vegas) & Ty (D.C.)
  • Trey (St. Thomas) & Zach (San Diego)
  • Anastasia & Jess (both Portland)
  • Aneesa (Chicago)& Diem(Fresh Meat)
  • Camila (Spring Break Challenge) & Jemmye (New Orleans)
  • Heather & Naomi (both Las Vegas '11)
  • Emily (D.C.) & Paula (Key West)
  • Jasmine (Cancun) & Theresa (Fresh Meat II)
  • Jonna (Cancun) & Nany (Las Vegas '11)
  • Sarah (Brooklyn) & Trishelle (Las Vegas '02)
Rumors have been floating around the internet that Naomi leaves mid-season for personal reasons and is replaced by Cara Maria, though that remains unverified.

Remember to check back here throughout the summer for episode recaps and previews. I'll also be taking part in my first every Real World Challenge Fantasy League (drafting Sunday) so I'll be sure to keep you posted on that as well.

Here's to hoping we get a reenactment of CT's "Banana Backpack" this summer!

-fresh (@danye33)


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