Friday, August 30, 2013

Fantasy Football Talk With Miggs- RB Edition

2 Man Weave Fantasy Football Running Back Rankings 

30. Ben Tate (Hou) 29. Mark Ingram (N.O.) 28. Ben-Jarvis Green-Ellis (CIN) 27. Montee Ball (DEN) 26. Lamar Miller (MIA) 25. Amhad Bradshaw (IND) 24. Chris Ivory (NYJ) 23. Geo Bernard (CIN) 22. Ryan Matthews (SD) 21. Eddie Lacy (GB) 20. Mcfadden (OAK) 19. Demarco Murray (DAL) 18. Reggie Bush (DET) 17. Chris Johnson (TEN) 16. Frank Gore  (SF) 15. David Wilson (NYG) 14. Steven Jackson (ATL) 13. Maurice Jones-Drew (JAC) 12. Steven Ridley (NE) 11. Jamal Charles  (KC) 10. Matt Forte (CHI) 9. Marshawn Lynch (SEA) 8. Alred Morris  (WAS) 7. Lesean Mccoy (PHI) 6. Doug Martin (TB) 

5. Trent Richardson (CLE) 

I know, I know, he plays for the browns. but this team will actually surprise some people this year and this guy is the main reason why. If you want to talk about true, premier starting running backs this is the newest entry into that club. A powerful runner cut from the mold of AP, Richardson burst onto the fantasy scene last year (950 rush yds, 11 rush TDs, 51 recs) and I expect him to continue his upswing this year. If new OC Norv turner uses him the way he used LT in his prime, I fully expect Richardson to finish the year up as a top 5 fantasy running back.

4. CJ Spiller (BUF) 

YOU ARE ELECTRIC? Ron Burgandy said it best about Rebecca Romijn Stamos but i think if Ronny Redwine was describing an electric running back, it would be C.J. Spiller. Guy is filthy in the open field, and his skills are as diversified as Wu-Tang's financial bonds. Early reports have this guy taking on an increased workload in Buffalo and becoming the focal point of Doug Marrone's new offense. He used to be the ultimate feast or famine player, with a 25 pt outburst one week and a 3 pt dud the next. I'm not saying that he is going to reach the next level in performance, but I am saying that we are going to see a more consistent output from C.J. Which makes him a very viable option as a top 5 pick. Fantasy owners can expect to SPILL out a lot of liquor for their playoffs chances if they don't have this guy on their team.

3. Ray Rice (BAL) 

New Ro's finest, and Super Bowl champion Ray Rice should be the consummate number 3 running back taken. He finished up last season with more than 1,700 total yards to go along with double digit scores and 60+ receptions and you can expect more of the same this time around. Don't be deterred by Bernard Pierce's playoff emergence, this is still Rice's team and he should be your choice to lead your fantasy team to the promised land. That is, so long as you don't have picks #1 or #2, which leads up to...

2. Arian Foster (HOU) 

Arian and the Texans might be the best team in the AFC this year, as a lot of the perennial contenders seem depleted by injury/loss of free agents, oh and murder. This guy is as consistent a player as you're going to find at this position. His 41 rushing TDs in past three seasons are good for best in the league. Yes, his YPC has dropped in each of those seasons as well, but touchdowns win fantasy titles and no one is better at finding their way into the end zone than this guy.

1. Adrian Peterson (MIN)

SHOCKER! There is no reason on Earth this guy shouldn't be drafted one overall. He makes grown ass professional football players look like they belong playing flag football on the weekends. The doubters still say "hey, we still don't know if that knee is going to hold up". SO WHAT, I feel like if he played on one leg he would still rush for a buck fifty and 2 scores each week.

It doesn't matter if opponants put eight men in the box every play, they know the ball is going to #28 and they also know there's not a damn thing they can do about it. The reigning league MVP fell just nine yards shy of breaking Eric Dickerson's record for most rushing yards in a season. He rushed for more than 107 yards in 9 of the last 10 games of the regular season, and carried a team that had no business playing postseason ball to the playoffs. Just imagine what he could do for your fantasy team.

-Miggs (@NickMiggs)


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