Sunday, September 22, 2013

Did A Barstool Sports Commenter Admit To Raping A Girl In The Comment Section Of Their #BarstoolConfessions Post?

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Barstool Sports, the smut blog-turned-underage-EDM-bubble bath-concert throwers, has come under fire over the years for the way they objectify women. Groups such as Knockout Barstool have even been formed to protest the "rape culture" they claim the site, lead by 30-something blogger, David Portnoy, portrays. But if a recent comment left on their weekly Confessions post is to be believed, the haters might be on to something. 

In the post, which runs each Friday, users are encouraged to confess some of their darkest secrets. They usually involve masturbation in some form or another, and occasionally touch on fecal matter or petty larceny. But this week there was one comment in particular, from Barstool user "springboard," that stood out from the typical filth. 

In the comment, the man, who does not disclose his age, boasts about the time he was having sex with a girl who asked to stop because she didn't feel good, and then proceeded to finish rape her while she laid there unconscious. Here's the comment in its entirety:
"I used to fuck this girl in college she was ok looking but an absolute dead fish in bed.. One of those gets wicked fucked up off of 2 beers. Senior year we fucked when I was desperate and she probably banged guys the that night before me who the fuck knows. Not my proudest moment. Night before graduation she was moving to Cali and I was fucked up so we decide to do it one more time.. I fuck her for a little and she stops and says she doesn't feel good(aka I'm a bitch and am gonna pass out). So I let her pass out completely and literally finished. It has been years later with no child or rape charges, but not my finest moment in life"
Obviously there's no way to know whether this person is telling the truth or just trolling for upvotes, but if Portnoy has any moral compass left at all he would at least look into the e-mail address used to register the name and either reach out to him directly or notify authorities.

If not for the sake of his blog's reputation, but for a girl who was potentially raped, and mocked, on his site.

-fresh (@danye33)


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