Friday, September 6, 2013

Keytwitty's Week 2 CFB Power Rankings

10) Florida State - I am a prisoner of the moment. Jameis Winston looks like a way better redshirt freshman than Johnny Manziel looked at this time last year! 
Last week - unranked

9) Texas A & M - This might be a roller coaster season for the Aggies if they can't things going on the right track. Johnny Manziel is the best thing going in college football when he's hot!
Last week - #7 

8) Florida - Last week the Gators beat Toledo 24-6! Where is Toledo on the NCAA football map? The Gainesville boys will have to pick their game up this week against THE U!
Last week -#8

7) Louiville - Teddy Bridgewater and this pancake soft schedule.
Last week - #9

6) LSU - Won a big time game against recruiting rival TCU. Lets see what tricks Les Miles has going forward this season.
Last week - #10

5) Ohio State - With all the preseason super hype the Buckeyes let Buffalo score 20 points! With BCS aspirations the Buckeyes need to show no mercy against lesser teams!
Last week #2

4) South Carolina - IN CLOWNEY WE TRUST! 
Last week #4

3) Clemson - Had the biggest win of the weekend putting them in the drivers seat. Tajh Boyd is the new Heisman front runner with that great performance against Georgia! By the way- Clemson's last two wins were against LSU and Georgia, two teams from the mighty SEC!
Last week #6

2) Oregon - scored 66 points and had 500 rushing yards in the first game of the season! Chip Kelly who? 
Last week #3

1) Alabama - Just keep rolling with the wins like Coach Saban does. #RollTide
Last week #1

-Twitty (@Keytwitty)


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