Thursday, September 19, 2013

Keytwitty's Week 4 CFB Power Rankings

10) Stanford - No east coast bias here. The Cards are ready to make a BCS Rose Bowl run.
Last week - NOT RANKED

9) Oklahoma - So I guess I should put a Big 12 team in my rankings at some point this season. The Big 12 as a whole doesn't believe in "DEFENSE". The Sooners will find a way to win 11 games and still look bad in a bowl game.
Last Week - NOT RANKED

8) Miami - If you're in your mid 20's, you gotta be smiling ear to ear to see "DA U" being relevant again.
Last Week -  #10

7) Louisville - The 'Ville can take a deep breath after beating the toughest team on their schedule- SEC cellar dwellers Kentucky. 
Last Week - #8

6) Florida State - FSU looks to be picking up the pace with their no-huddle offense this week. They can practice that game plan against Bethune-Cookman. S/O to the MEAC!
Last Week - #7

5) LSU - I can't wait to see the Tigers under the lights this weekend! A night game in Baton Rouge is always a great site for college football. Remember when Auburn had Cam Newton and was on top of the college football map? Good luck War Eagle. I am sure Les Miles will have a few tricks up his sleeve. 
Last Week - #6

4) Ohio State - Well the Buckeyes get to warm up with Florida A & M before they start their Big 10 schedule. S/O to the MEAC!
Last Week - #5

3) Clemson - Is on upset alert this week because playing at NC State is a trap game. I hope Clemson's BCS dreams don't turn into a nightmare on Thursday night!
Last Week - #3

2) Oregon - Great team speed to match the great uniforms. I sound like a girl loving a team because they have great jerseys. S/O to company that makes the Ducks jerseys. 
BTW no free Corporate advertising on the 2 man weave.
Last Week - #2

1) Alabama - Bama was able to avenge their loss to Johnny "Money" Manziel. I think the only thing that can stop Bama is the Nick Saban rumors of him going to Texas. 
Last Week- #1

-Twitty (@Keytwitty)

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