Thursday, October 3, 2013

Reader E-Mail: Could You Date A Die Hard Fan Of Your Favorite Team's Rival?

Joe, I have noticed from reading your blogs on TWSS (*pours out 40*) that you are a Boston sports fan. Would you date a girl if she were a fan of your favorite team’s rival? What would it take for you to even consider dating said female? I find that I, myself, couldnt date anyone who was a Vancouver Canucks fan (I am a Chicago Blackhawks fan) mostly because I would question his character in general. Do you have similar thoughts?

- Emma

I have a weird relationship with sports. I care about sports way more than I should while, realizing that it’s stupid to care as much as I do. When the Patriots blow a game on Sunday, I shouldn’t be pissed off all day Monday. I’m angry about the game, and I’m angry at being angry about the game. Sports don’t really matter. Nothing in my life hinges on the outcome of the game, but I still care. That’s why they’re important. Sports are an outlet where it’s acceptable to care a little too much without any real consequences.

And since sports don’t really matter, then it shouldn’t matter to me if a girl I like is a fan of a team I hate. The right answer is “No, if I really liked a girl I wouldn’t care what team she rooted for. I wouldn’t have a serious problem being one of those couples sitting side by side at Sox game wearing Boston and New York hats for the tv commentators to make corny jokes about. I might even like having someone that takes sports a little too seriously just like me.”

That’s half of my answer. Here’s the rest— Yes. There are certain teams that a girl could be a fan of which would make me not want to date her.
I’m a Boston sports fan. My favorite Boston teams in order are
I actually like all 4 teams about the same, but I’m a bigger fan of football and basketball in general. I couldn’t tell you the last time I watched a baseball game that the Sox weren’t in. Same goes for hockey.

The rivals for those teams are the Lakers, any team quarterbacked by a Manning, idk who the Sox have for a rival, and the Canadiens. I wouldn't have a problem dating a fan of those teams. I respect a legitimate fan of whatever team. In my mind, you don’t choose your teams. You’re born into it. It’s like your eye color. It’s just something that is. At least that’s how it should be. It isn’t always true. Some people choose their teams, and I don’t think I could date them.

I couldn’t date a Foster Fan. A Foster Fan is a person who roots for a team that they have no ties to. They’re the diehard Cowboys, Bulls and Yankees fans because they were the best teams when they were kids. They root for teams because they “like the logo” or “I have family that lives there!”. They root for the Heat.

I couldn’t date a girl who roots for the Heat for 2 reasons.

1) Anyone who likes the Heat that isn’t from Miami, or has only been a “fan” since they got Lebron, is a despicable human being. What else can you say about someone who chooses to cheer for a guy who stabbed his hometown in the back on national television so he could go play with his friends? They’d cheat on you for sure.

An aside- If Lebron ever played for the Celtics it would be the cruelest form of torture I can imagine. Watching my least favorite player rattle off titles on my favorite team would make my head explode.

2) They make me realize I’m a liar when I say that sports don’t really matter. Sports do matter. Who you root for matters. It’s hard to root for a team that gets its teeth kicked in year after year, but it shows that you’re loyal. Would you want to date someone who drops their team when they have a few down years? The opposite is true too— Would you want to date someone who turns into a total asshole when their team is winning? What kind of girlfriend/boyfriend would they be?

Yeah, I could date a rival fan. I might even like it too. But I draw the line at Heat fans.

P.S. I could get over that your Blackhawks beat the Bruins this year, too. If you catch my drift…

-Joe (@Joe_Turner00)


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