Friday, November 15, 2013

A Special Cortaca Edition of Keytwitty's Week 12 CFB Power Rankings

(Ed Note: S/O to Nicole Hapanowicz!)

Last week was a great week of college football. Made me want to hold on to my weave.  The top 10 has been shaking up like Kelis' Milkshake.

10) Cortland State University of New York - Happy Cortaca weekend!  Cortland will play their biggest game of the year against Ithaca College. Win or lose it should be a great weekend in Cortland.

9) LSU - For 3 quarters last Saturday the Tigers lined up and played great football against 'Bama. I don't care how many losses they have. They play tough every game and I still believe they are better than 98 percent of teams in America.  Including the Jacksonville Jaguars.
Last Week unranked

8) South Carolina - Mike Davis is a man/hombre playing running back like a monster.  The old ball coach still has a game against Clemson at the end of the season that could help their BCS standing.
Last Week unranked

7) Clemson - Many times in college football some programs struggle after a tough loss. Clemson has weathered the storm. Clemson is seeking to go bowling some where nice for New Years.
Last Week #7

6) Oregon - In the words of the great philosopher Kanye West "It was all good just a week ago". The Ducks were just outplayed last week.  Nike + great jerseys does not equal national championships.  
Last Week #3

5) Baylor - In the age of soft college football defenses. The Baylor Bears only probably needed a top 10 defensive to go undefeated this season post-RGIII. The Big 12 conference should just play 7 on 7 flag football game because tackling is optional.
Last Week #5

4) Stanford - The toughest nerds in America flex their muscles against the Ducks last week. The Cards are now the best 1 loss team in the country. They will have to pray every night that one of these top 3 team get upset.
Last Week #6

3) Ohio State - According to my BCS Computer the Buckeyes can not jump into the BCS championship game unless an unbeaten team gets upset!  Looking forward the Buckeyes might have to start scheduling stronger non-conference opponents.
Last Week #4

2) Florida State - The Noles just have to worry about playing mistake free football for the reast of the season. The NCAA is already investigating Famous Jamies Winston, I hope that does not distract the team.
Last Week #2

1) Alabama - Out of the 70 scholarship players at 'Bama 16 of them have already graduated early. That is just a well ran program that focuses on scholar athletes.  
Last Week #1

-Keytwitty (@Keytwitty)


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