Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Special Cortaca Interview With Berny- The 2 Man Weave's Cortland Party Correspondent

2MW-  For starters- what the hell happened this weekend?

BernyCortland went nuts... The day started for half of campus with bar parties at 8 am and 11 am so people had almost 12 drinks in their body once the game ended. Then the riots started on Clayton and once word got out over social media people flocked there. People were jumping off roofs, riding in shopping carts down the hill and throwing beer bottles and cans and TVs and couches at the police when they tried to stop it. It was one of the craziest events that I have ever been to.

2MWThat leads me to my next question which was going to be how did everyone know to go to Clayton? I remember when I went to Cortland there were always parties spread out across Thompkins, Clayton, Monroe, Groton, etc. How did the whole student body know to go there while the game was going on?

BernyIt was just word of mouth to go to Clayton before Cortaca even started everyone was talking about how they were going to go to Clayton. After the riots started happening people started to flock to Reynolds avenue and a full out brawl erupted.

2MWWhat started the brawl?

BernyWell these kids decided to drive down Reynolds and flip people off and they almost hit 30 kids on the street then people started throwing bottles at their car. This then led to the kids getting out of the car and they tried to fight thirty kids on the street it was legitimately 30 on 4. These four kids got beat up pretty bad and their car almost got flipped but the police stopped it from happening.

2MW- Why do you think this year's Cortaca was so much crazier than year's past? It had always been a wild weekend, but it feels like this year you guys took it to a whole new level.

BernyI don't know there was just something in the air. This entire year has been much crazier than usual downtown is always packed now. The Cortland student body was not happy that Oswego, Oneonta and Albany were rated better party schools than us. So they upped their game this year.

2MWI think that debate can be put to rest after this weekend. Where were you chillen when the "riots" were going on? What was the craziest thing you saw on Clayton?

BernyI was originally on Reynolds because that was bumpin but when I heard that riots were going on I went down to see them. I was in the middle of Clayton during the riots. One of the craziest things I saw was the kid jumping off the roof into the crowd. Another crazy thing I saw was cops getting pelted with beer bottles and people bleeding cause they got hit with different objects in the air.

2MWWhat were some of the objects kids were throwing?

BernyThey were throwing chairs, full beer bottles and cans, TV's and tables. Basically anything they could find they were throwing them. It was crazy when my friend got his finger cut by a piece of wood and blood started gushing that's when I knew the riot was for real.

2MWIs the story about the kid who chased the cop with an ax true or just an urban legend?

BernyNo the story is true. I heard from multiple sources that they saw the kid with the ax chasing the cops multiple times. One person told me that it took 9 cops to stop the kid.

2MWAny background info on the kid? Like why the fuck did he have an ax in his hands, let alone use it to chase a cop?

BernyThe kid did not go to Cortland what many people do not know is that more than 75 percent of the kids that were arrested did not go to Cortland. People just saw the kid with the Ax on the street nobody knew how it got there.

2MWCan you explain to me what "Turn down for what?" means? It seemed to me like that was the phrase of the weekend and I'm embarrassed to say that I'm clueless as to what that means.

BernyIt is a song by DJ Snake and Lil Jon but the phrase has been used a lot this semester. People use the phrase basically for everything it is the same thing as turn up but it means you will never stop turning up. You will get so turned up that the cops will come knocking.

2MWWhat do you think the repercussions will be from this Cortaca? Do you think the game will be cancelled next year?

BernyThat's a great question actually a few hours ago there was a vote to ban Cortaca and it was shot down by a vote of 6 to 2. So the game is definitely going to happen next year but I think there will be a bigger police presence stopping riots.

2MWGood to know, thanks for doing this interview man. And remember- no matter what, don't ever turn down!

BernyYes thank you for interviewing me and I cant wait to come back next year and talk about Cortaca again!

-fresh (@danye33)

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