Friday, November 1, 2013

Keytwitty's Week 10 CFB Power Rankings

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10) Auburn - I should have put this team in the top 10 after they beat Johnny Football and Texas A & M. Head Coach Gus Malzahn is one of the best offensive minds in college football. They play 'Bama in their season finale, perhaps for the SEC west title.
Last Week Unranked

9) LSU - What a great week to have a bye!! They play 'Bama next weekend.
Last Week #10

8) Missouri -  I put them in the top 10 last week, then they lost to South Carolina. They're still are a very good squad. I hope they can rebound well.
Last Week #5

7) Stanford - Next Thursday is the real trick or treat when the Cardinals play the Ducks.

Last Week #8

6) Clemson - This team is still lost in the sauce after losing to FSU. However they still have ACC and BCS championship goals.
Last Week #7

5) Miami - If the Canes Beat FSU this Saturday I can see ESPN making a 30 for 30 sequel. "THE U : Ponzi Schemes" Narrative by Nevin Shapiro.
Last Week #6

4) Ohio State - According to my BCS math the Buckeyes beat Penn State by 39 points. That's not good enough to jump up.
Last Week #4

3) Florida State-  Rivalry game against Miami this week no big deal. The Seminoles need to focus on the Canes before thinking about trophies.
Last Week #3

2) Oregon - Yes the Ducks are super fast but need to hit the weights before they play Stanford. 
Last Week #2

1) Alabama - #Roll tide
Last Week #1

-Keytwitty (@Keytwitty)


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