Friday, November 8, 2013

Keytwitty's Week 11 CFB Power Rankings

What a great weekend of college football coming your way. Starting on Thursday night! There are some great match-ups that will have BCS computers in a frenzy. By the time the the world views this blog its going to be time to re-do my rankings!  S/o to the young Pleasantville Panthers for winning the section 1 class B championship last weekend! Now go win STATE!

10) Miami- The Canes lost a tough game last week to FSU. They are a young team that needs to have bumps in the road to improve the program going forward.
Last Week #6

9) Missouri- In the new SEC east Mizzou seems to be able to hang with the big boys of college football. I really hope this program can find a way to stay at the top of the SEC!
Last Week #5

8) Auburn - If you look at the schedule the Tigers still have to play instate rival 'Bama. The Tigers are fun to watch and have the ghost of Cam Newton and Bo Jackson sneaking some snaps.
Last Week #10

7) Clemson - Watched at home last Saturday and probably said to themselves "Wow, Florida State is really that good". Clemson is going to be the one loss team that won't play in a big BCS bowl game. But they have good team speed.
Last Week #6

6) Stanford - The nerds from out west that read in Trees look to shake up the BCS landscape this weekend. Stanford hosst Oregon this Thursday on primetime. (I'm blogging and watching the game right now)
Last Week #7
(Ed Note: Upset city!!!)

5) Baylor- No RGIII, no problem.  One season after Robert Griffin III wins the Heisman at Baylor the Bears are poised for a BCS title run. Baylor's offense scores 63 points a game this season. They are also undefeated!
Last Week Unranked

4) Ohio State - Yup, this is what happens when a team plays a soft Big 10 schedule- they stay ranked at number 4 forever. The Rose Bowl is great for the Buckeyes, but coach Rrban Meyer wants that Crystal Football.
Last Week #4

3) Oregon - Last season the Ducks lost to Stanford at home and cost themselves a shot at the championship.  They get a chance for revenge and to keep their BCS dreams alive.
Last Week #2

This is Winston's "Hay Boo" face

2) Florida State - Great win last weekend over Miami.  FSU is right on course to play for a championship.  Famous Jameis Winston is have a better season than Johnny "Money" Manziel did last season.
Last Week #3

1) Alabama - This weekend the Tide will play a battle tested LSU team. Bama needs to hope that LSU coach Les Miles doesn't have any tricks up his sleeves.  The Crimson Tide have one goal and one goal only and that's to win another national championship.
Last Week #1

-Keytwitty (@Keytwitty)

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